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Intelligent Content-Bringing Together Knowledge Graphs & Large Language Models

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In these presentation slides, Helmut Nagy shares the advantages of merging both technologies, shows how knowledge graphs help to create better and explainable results with generative technologies, and also shows how generative technologies can help to create better knowledge graphs

Industry Leaders on AI & KM: Are Knowledge Graphs the Way

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In these presentation slides, Gordon Hayden discusses supporting green strategies with enterprise knowledge graphs, an ideal platform to use in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) domain.

AI Solutions for the Digital Workplace

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AI solutions for the digital workplace help tackle common company obstacles so information can become accessibile and reliable.

What is Intelligent Content?

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Intelligent content helps reuse and deliver content to various channels and stakeholders. See the benefits of structured content authoring!

Digital Workplace Webinar Collection

Recorded Webinar

AI solutions for the digital workplace improve accessibility, agility, and reliability of your company. Check out this webinar collection!

What’s New: PoolParty Recommender

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Andreas Blumauer, CEO and Co-founder, and Lorenzo Tosi, Data and Knowledge Engineer, explain the new features of the PoolParty Recommender.

Webinar: What’s New: PoolParty Recommender

Recorded Webinar

Find out what’s on the horizon for PoolParty with this “What’s New: PoolParty Recommender” webinar, where CEO and co-founder of Semantic Web Company (SWC), Andreas Blumauer, introduces a recommender for the modern digital workplace. The PoolParty Recommender: a smart recommender system that is tailored to the specific knowledge domain of any organization.

Intelligent Content Webinar Collection

Recorded Webinar

Intelligent content can be manifested at the various stages of the content lifecycle with Semantic AI. Check out this webinar collection!

White Paper: Recommender Systems for Business Professionals

White paper

Knowledge-based recommender systems combine AI and subject matter expertise to help business professionals complete tasks with comprehensive information. Read about the PoolParty Recommender approach here!

White Paper: High Performance, High ROI

White paper

Best case enviroments for your Poolparty Semantic Suite

Webinar: Outbreak! A Case Study in Biosecurity

Case Study, Recorded Webinar

Tune in for a case study in biosecurity: see how CEBRA uses PoolParty to organize, transform, and tag research in the ESG domain.

White paper: Neo4j and PoolParty Integration for Powerful Document Analysis

White paper

Read how the PoolParty and Neo4j integration, which spans the Semantic Web and property graph world, delivers powerful document analysis to augment human decision making.

Software Reviews: Highly Ranked in Usability, Support, Functionality

Product Information

The PoolParty Semantic Suite was named a Leader in the Metadata Management Data Quandrant Market Report 2022 and a Product Innovator in the 2021 Report.

ESG Risk Management


Above the surface, ESG seems like a lot of red tape but below the surface, ESG has a greater impact. Read more about ESG risk management.

Introduction to Knowledge Graphs for Information Professionals

Presentation Slides

Heather Hedden explains the problems knowledge graphs aim to solve