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The Knowledge Graph Cookbook Launch Webinar

Recorded Webinar

Watch The Knowledge Graph Cookbook launch webinar to learn why knowledge graphs are important and why you should care about them.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook


The Knowledge Graph Cookbook is a manual with recipes for knowledge graphs that help enterprises use data to innovate, create value and increase revenue.

Deep Text Analytics Applications & Cost Optimization

Expert's Nuggets on Semantic AI, Knowledge Graphs in 3 Minutes

How can you achieve significant cost optimization for your business by using Deep Text Analytics to analyze text and documents automatically? Learn more!

Three Levels of Knowledge in PoolParty Semantic Suite

Knowledge Graphs in 3 Minutes

Learn about the three levels of knowledge in PoolParty Semantic Suite: taxonomies, ontologies and, last but not least, your data.  

PoolParty PowerTagging in 3 Minutes

Knowledge Graphs in 3 Minutes

Are you having difficulties trying to find relevant information in Sharepoint? If your answer is yes, this video is for you.

Semantic Data Fabric: A Solution to Data Silos

White paper

The first step towards a data-driven culture is data access, but data silos hinder this effort. Read our white paper to learn more about Semantic Data Fabric: A Solution to Data Silos

PoolParty Product Updates: More Control Over Your Data

Recorded Webinar

Watch the PoolParty Product Updates Recorded Webinar: More Control Over Your Data to learn about the new features available in the PoolParty 7.2 release. Easier to use and significantly faster!

Knowledge Graph – The New Unknown Beast

Slide Deck

What are Knowledge Graphs? In …

Linking SharePoint Documents with Structured Data

Slide Deck

Download these slides to learn how linking SharePoint documents with structured data helps enterprises have a unified view of business-critical Information.

How Knowledge Graphs Drive the Business Value of Your Data and Strengthen Your AI Strategy

Slide Deck

Download this presentation to learn how our customers are using Knowledge Graphs to drive the business value of their data and strengthen their AI strategy.

Knowledge Graphs in the Banking and Insurance Sectors

Case Study

Download this case study and find out how Knowledge Graphs in the banking and insurance sectors help companies extract value from their data.

How to Cleanup Data Repositories with Semantic Technologies

White paper

Download this White Paper to learn step by step how to cleanup data repositories with semantic technologies using an innovative method.

Developing an RDF4J Adapter for Oracle Spatial and Graph

Selected Webinar

Oracle Database has different graph features. In this TechCast, we introduce the RDF4J Adapter for Oracle Spatial and Graph with focus on SPARQL query language.

Ontology-based Data Access: The Interplay of SPARQL and Entailment Regimes

Slide Deck

Learn about how the interplay of updates and reasoning is treated in the paradigm of Ontology-based data access (OBDA).

Data Integration across the Linked Data Lifecycle

Slide Deck

Learn how the Semantic Web tackles the problem of data integration across the Linked Data Lifecycle based on real use cases and demos.