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Knowledge Hub

Go beyond the limits of traditional knowledge management

Knowledge Hub

When we think about the challenges of modern data, content, and knowledge management in companies, it is no longer just a question of the sheer volume of data. Today, we ask ourselves questions about findability, fact fidelity, referenceability, reusability, machine processability, and many other similar issues. A future-proof solution to this challenge that can be implemented rather quickly is the semantic knowledge hub.

Backed by semantic technologies, a PoolParty Knowledge Hub provides a comprehensive solution for the further development of your existing knowledge infrastructure.

Put Semantics into the Mix

The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch to build a knowledge hub – it draws upon and connects your current applications and systems. We add a so-called “semantic layer” to these established parts of your knowledge infrastructure, opening up a new world of functions and possibilities.

Thus you can benefit from semantic advantages with advanced text mining, taxonomies, concept tagging, knowledge graphs, semantic search, insight and recommender systems.

The beauty of the semantic layer

Altogether, our semantic capabilities allow you to transform inconsistent metadata often found in siloed systems into interoperable knowledge graphs that build the foundation for intelligent applications. These applications use your data more effectively so that you can benefit from a more productive workforce and a happier customer base.

Company-wide consistency

No matter where your knowledge resides or will be used, profit from a standardized, universal language of your content.

Orchestrated Governance

A semantic layer sits between the data and the applications, providing the digital infrastructure with the right levels of management, authentication and authorization.

Factual Fidelity

The ability to access a single version of truth is a requirement for deployment scenarios in regulated and critical industries.

Less Time to Insights

We combine the knowledge of your experts with the power of machines to produce data that is easier to access, use, and understand. 

How a knowledge hub fuels your systems with relevant data

A knowledge hub draws from the underlying knowledge graph which is a data model that maps all the connections between data assets. Knowledge graphs serve as a context engine to enable a unified access of knowledge across various systems that are derived from assets in different sources and formats.


Conceptual Knowledge
Understanding of concepts, principles, theories, models, classifications, etc.

Procedural Knowledge
How to perform a specific task related to methods, procedures, or equipment operation.

Implicit Knowledge
Gained through daily operations and employee expertise.


Multiple content management systems

Document management systems

Digital asset management systems

Employee experience platforms

Internal collaboration software

Partner collaboration spaces


Policies, procedures, guidelines

Product info/technical documentation

Customer information

Marketing content/collaterals

Internal research information

External/market research information

People/expert resources

Turn your existing systems into a knowledge hub and gain a unified view of all your data pertaining to a subject regardless of where the data came from, or whether it’s structured or unstructured.

Proof that it works

Semantic Web Company and HealthDirect Australia are two examples where a knowledge hub has already been implemented to great success, with many to come in the future.


A Knowledge Hub at HealthDirect Australia: The Basis for Innovative Health Services

Healthdirect Australia has become the most widely used Australian health information site in the country. See how PoolParty helps the company connect data so that Australian citizens can find information about their symptoms and proceed with next best actions.

A Knowledge Hub at Semantic Web Company: The Powerful Path to Digital Documentation

Learn how machine learning, NLP techniques, and knowledge graphs can be combined to build scalable and robust enterprise hubs for a software company.

Resources to get started

You find the concept as attractive as we do? Great! Here are some resources to deepen your understanding of the knowledge hub, assess how your organization can most benefit from it, and talk to an expert.

Watch the Panel Discussion!

Learn from three leading software vendors how knowledge portals a.k.a knowledge hubs turn data into business intelligence.

watch the discussion

Take the Free Online Assessment!

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Assessment indicates where, how, and to which extent your company may benefit from diving into knowledge graph technology.

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Talk to an Expert!

To arrange a demo or to talk about your specific use case, it is best to have a personal conversation. Our experts are looking forward to a non-binding conversation with you.

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