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Construction, Engineering and Energy

Build a stronger foundation with Semantic AI.

Manifold Challenges in Construction and Engineering

The construction and engineering industry faces challenges such as loss of knowledge, delayed decision making, lack of knowledge sharing, inefficient project delivery and underutilization of stakeholder experience. Challenges that can become real issues in time management, financial planning, design and specifications and lead to delays, defects and complaints.

By applying our Semantic AI solutions for construction and engineering, firms can automate processes, leverage the experience of their stakeholders to solve problems, learn lessons and improve project delivery performance through experiential learning and personal skills development. Therefore, better knowledge management, including the use of taxonomies and knowledge graphs, can significantly contribute in the digital transformation of the construction and engineering industry.

Your Advantages

Have a look at what organizations in your industry are already achieving with PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Benefit From Internal Expertise

Build your own knowledge graph to improve knowledge management and streamline communication and collaboration between colleagues. Ensure that expert knowledge is more visible and available throughout the organization to ensure consistency and quality in project execution or to benefit from the experience of already completed projects.

Analyze Customer & Products

Collect information on product usage, create more holistic customer profiles, and experiment with the data. Using knowledge graphs and taxonomies, PoolParty transforms Big Data and unstructured data into insights.

Manufacture Sustainably

PoolParty enables you to easily reuse open data sources and enrich your data analytics with an environmental perspective. With supply chain reporting, for example, these AI solutions for construction and engineering allow you to be transparent by helping you to author reports with structured content.

Create Semantic BIM

Enrich your Building Information Modelling processes by synthesizing requirements and specifications for design via consistent metadata derived from content repositories. Reduce the time spent on analyzing data to plan for your modelling projects.

Gain Contract Intelligence

Manage risk through contract automation. Simplify the way you manage contracts from vendors and suppliers. Use PoolParty to extract the meaning of each paragraph in your contracts.

Improve Workplace Safety With Semantic Search

Shift handovers often contain a lot of data that is unstructured and thus hard to communicate between colleagues. Semantic search and recommendation systems can be placed over the handovers to retrieve accurate, specific information about previous shifts.

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