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Construction & Engineering

Supply chain management is crucial in a globally linked and digitally levered manufacturing world. Processes and tasks are highly complex and stem from multi-facetted knowledge domains. Your networked construction business enterprise requires sophisticated data-based decision making tools.

PoolParty Semantic Suite Is Your Powerful Solution

PoolParty Semantic Technology Suite is a powerful solution for
you to connect, model and analyze different data sources.

Linking Databases

PoolParty lets you gradually link structured and unstructured data sources and develop a tailor-suited semantic intelligence network. This is your robust foundation for highly specialized applications like semantic search and data analytics.

Smart Risk Management

Linked Data lets you create information networks including business rules. Get immediate alerts, when changes in your ecosystem occur. Smart predictive systems generate operational efficiency and cost savings.

Sustainable Manufacturing

PoolParty enables you to easily reuse open data sources and enrich your data analytics with an environmental perspective. You can publish Linked Open Data, be transparent for your stakeholders and that way own a competitive advantage.

Your Benefits

  • You get a flexible solution that can handle structured and unstructured data.
  • You connect different IT-systems such as ERP, CAD, CRM and external information services through Linked Data without data migration.
  • W3C standards such as SKOS are the most popular standards and adopted very fast by multiple industries. Relying on the Semantic Web is a future-proof investment to succeed in the Industrial Internet of Things era.

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