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PoolParty for SharePoint

Leverage smarter tags and centralized knowledge management for better findability of assets.

PoolParty for SharePoint lets you take advantage of semantic search, automated tagging, and a centralized taxonomy manager – offering a more powerful search experience to the native SharePoint Online application.

Only a few hours after setup, the software is able to seamlessly label SharePoint documents, recommend documents with related content and semantic search, and enrich documents with relevant information from external sources.

Accelerate the ways you manage and find content in your SharePoint libraries with Semantic AI.

Semantic search for improved findability

Automated concept tagging, with option for expert-assisted tagging to refine tags if needed
Synchronization of tags to SharePoint Term Store
Centralized taxonomy management

Integration with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft GraphAPI

Explore concepts in a new Info Box.

The PoolParty for SharePoint integration has a newly added Info Box that provides all the relevant information about a concept.

Consider the concept Renewable Energies, which has the alternative labels renewables and alternative energy. If a user searches the keywords “alternative energies,” the engine will draw upon all the synonyms tagged under that umbrella concept in bold, meaning that the user is given all the documents related to their search even if they haven’t specified it.

The Info Box can be used as a springboard to see how concepts relate to each other and let you jump to other topics relevant to your search.

This screenshots shows how naming conventions are bundled together in semantic concepts.

Annotate your documents with richer tags in a fraction of the time.

PoolParty can automatically extract the most relevant terms and phrases from a given document or text to form semantics concepts. Where enterprises often experience weeks of manual work to update documents with (rather simple) tags, PoolParty can provide more precise and enriched tags with no hassle. With automated tagging, enterprises can reduce overhead costs by removing the need for additional resources – which are often sourced by subject matter experts who could be better occupied in other tasks – and reducing the time spent on maintaining tags. 

This screenshots shows how naming conventions are bundled together in semantic concepts.

Refine tags as needed.

The PoolParty for SharePoint integration also allows for an expert-assisted workflow – in other words, semi-automatic. This feature that is pictured in the screenshot gives the user or expert the opportunity to review and approve tags that have been sent automatically to the SharePoint library. Tags can be added or removed with just a few clicks in the user-friendly pop-up.

Manage your content centrally in the PoolParty Taxonomy Editor.

A taxonomy is championed for its ability to index information in a hierarchically structured format – organizing terms (or tags) according to the relations between them. It is these relations that help semantic search be so effective, and why a centrally managed SharePoint taxonomy could make all the difference. 

Automatic sync of enterprise taxonomies to SharePoint Term Store.

PoolParty provides a user-friendly taxonomy editor that lets you maintain all your taxonomies in one place, and transfers the data to the SharePoint Term Store with the click of a button. 

The benefits of the PoolParty integration:

  • You can maintain the mapping between the Term Store ID and the concept URI in PoolParty for scalability
  • When changes have been made to the taxonomy, you can re-synchronize terms or delete the term groups when they are no longer needed

Through the synchronization, users can begin to experience the positive effects of a centrally managed taxonomy system right away.

The PoolParty for SharePoint integration: how it all works.

So that you don’t have to mediate multiple servers to use the tool, the PoolParty for SharePoint architecture relies on integrations with the following Microsoft products:

  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Microsoft Azure
  • A direct sync to the Term Store

With Microsoft Azure serving as the connector between PoolParty and SharePoint, data can flow freely from the PoolParty backend and SharePoint Online interface. On the SharePoint side, tags that are stored in the document libraries and lists are pulled from the search engine to produce results based on what the user enters in the search field.

Through Azure, the Term Store synchronization feature is connected to the PoolParty Thesaurus API which sends and receives concepts to recreate the taxonomy in the Term Store. Concept tags are transmitted between systems similarly. 

Other highlights:

  • Our tight integration with the Term Store allows for future compatibility with other tools across the Microsoft ecosystem
  • The PoolParty for SharePoint Administration Site allows the admin control who gets access to particular SharePoint sites. The admin only needs to create write permissions for those sites with the Microsoft Graph API

  • The initial setup of PoolParty for SharePoint can be done in a matter of minutes using a 5-step installation wizard