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Infrastructure User

Securely build a strong architectural strategy and framework that you can scale.

As an infrastructure user, you deal directly with your organization’s technological landscape. You build, manage, and ensure that all your platforms are safe and working up to speed. Since technology is the language you speak, you are savvy about which softwares your organization can benefit from.

You are motivated by a technology that complies with your expertise in safety and usability, all while helping to innovate your organization’s infrastructure.

Typically, you experience the following challenges as an infrastructure user:


Security and safety issues with legacy systems


Poor usability of data


Difficulty integrating new technologies


Accessibility and management issues with data silos

To combat these issues, you need a technology that:


Operates according to the highest security standards


Integrates well into your organization’s existing infrastructure


Scales your systems to improve analytics


Facilitates a universal access point for your data and teams

We have what you are looking for. Use PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Check out some examples of how you as an infrastructure user can benefit from the PoolParty software!


As the AI architect, you are the owner of your organization’s architectural strategy. You play a central role in creating an end-to-end Machine Learning and AI pipeline. PoolParty can be seamlessly integrated into your current infrastructure in order to improve existing data and platforms.

PoolParty Feature Highlights: 

  • Use your knowledge graph as an infrastructure to enable deep data analytics and more precise and scalable AI applications (e.g., semantic chatbots)
  • Build your knowledge graph to have a universal access point to all your data, a multidimensional index that is standards-based and machine-processable

In your role as a systems engineer, you install and monitor your organization’s technological infrastructure. You play a key role in understanding which applications will not only support your organization in its current processes, but also better your organization’s operations. As a semantic middleware, PoolParty allows you to create a staging environment for your knowledge models that can be continuously evolved.

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Develop RDF-based applications that run as layers on PoolParty’s APIs and make use of SPARQL as an endpoint for complex queries
  • Using APIs, export the project data to external graph databases and keep them in sync continuously, or on demand when necessary

    As the information security officer, you care about the safety of your organization’s infrastructure. You make sure that your IT network is designed with best practices in mind, and manage any threats or data loss that your infrastructure may be vulnerable to. PoolParty provides your colleagues with state of the art technology – all within the highest standard security measures.

    PoolParty Feature Highlights:

    • Semantic Web Company is ISO 27001:2013 certified so all platforms and services are protected and secure

      PoolParty’s Professional Services and Support teams are rated high for satisfaction.

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