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Best Practice Configurations

Once you have decided to use PoolParty, it is time to find the configuration that best suits your needs. A key to this is the so-called multi-tiering, which is the use of PoolParty licenses on a distributed infrastructure.

Along your data lifecycle, several activities take place in parallel and are highly interdependent: Development, testing, staging and production – to name a few. These activities impact the performance, risk, security, and availability of your taxonomy or knowledge graph itself or its associated applications. Managing these dependencies is a key factor in smooth operations, cost efficiencies, and reduced operational risk.

Operating PoolParty in a multi-tier enviromentĀ  helps to minimize operational issues and achieve maximum earned value with PoolParty deployment. The decoupled software instances lets you decouple risks, prevent stand-stills and increases data security. For example, separating the development and test environments can increase the validity of test runs, as it can also help to layout the test environment closer to the realities of the production environment.

Recommended Multi-tier PoolParty Configurations

Over the years, we have gained deep insights into how our customers develop, test, deploy, maintain, and reuse taxonomies within their specific frameworks. Based on this, we can now recommend best practice configurations.

PoolParty Basic Server icon

Single Tier

A cost-effective setup for beginners with mission-non critic operations.

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PoolParty Advanced Server

Standard 2-Tier

Basic setup for seperating up,- and downstream operation. Production is still coupled on authoring system.

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PoolParty Advanced Server


Two production licenses serve authoring and publishing independently.

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PoolParty Enterprise Server icon

Standard 3-Tier

Upstream activities are running with non-production license while downstream is served by 2 dedicated systems.

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Contact our experts to assist you in choosing the best fitting environment for you. We can garantuee you the balance between best price and best performance.

PoolParty ranks above the industry average for integration capability.

SoftwareReviews is a research service that collects unbiased reviews of software vendors capabilities and measures them across companies in the industry. Aside from the features referenced in the chart, PoolParty also got over 80% scores in Automation of Metadata and APIs and Integration capabilities.