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Explainable Insights

An Insight Engine that fuels your compliance wizards, decision support and risk identification with Composite AI

In corporate environments where significant operational and financial risks are at stake, fact validated insights are a must. But pure black box AI algorithms are not trustworthy enough to meet the demanding requirements of software assistants in decision support, risk identification and compliance.

Our latest generation of insight engines is able to discover insights where conventional search engines and recommendation systems reach their limits. Our XAI Insight Engine combines the strengths of symbolic and statistical AI to harness your organization’s content where traceability, factual fidelity and low error rate matter.

Actionable insights for industries where the stakes are high:

  • for potentially life-changing decisions in healthcare, where full transparency is required.
  • In the highly regulated banking sector, where precise and clear conclusions are required.
  • in manufacturing, where deep industry knowledge is required to make sense of manuals, maintenance logs, equipment details, and historical work orders.

Actionable insights along your knowledge lifecycle.

Cognitive Experience

Efficient and productive knowledge acquisition supported by the next generation of search.

Knowledge Mining

Effective AI tools help in lifting noble knowledge from large blocks of information.

Content Composition

Support for content creation with recourse to the company’s own content inventory

Smart Assistants

Focused and accessible human-machine dialogue in employee and customer interactions.

Decision Support

Decisions based on an accurate and deep understanding of the company’s knowledge base.

Risk Identification

In-depth sentiment and context analyses identify risk potentials along the entire value chain.

Composite AI – a unique technology approach

After an initial hype-driven wave of machine learning applications, the second generation of AI has recently shown that techniques from different developments can mesh to the benefit of the user. Building on this, our XAI Insight Engine is based on two proven AI concepts: statistical and symbolic AI.

We combined Squirro’s machine learning with PoolParty’s graph-based metadata, search and text mining offerings to create an Insight Engine that differs significantly from conventional AI approaches in four ways:

    Unlocks new application scenarios for AI

    Composite insight engines expand the application of AI and its value creation potential by serving projects that were previously considered infeasible because a fully data-driven, purely ML-based approach would have been inefficient, expensive, or inappropriate.

    Works already with small amounts of data

    Our Insight Engine brings the power of AI to a larger group of companies and businesses that do not have access to large amounts of historical or labelled data but do have extensive human expertise.

    Bring the human into the loop

    Use of domain knowledge and human expertise to train ML models for a particular context. This can be achieved by applying business rules and knowledge graphs and physical models.

    Insights that solve combinatorial problems

    Search and recommendation systems that identify multidimensional knowledge objects based on search intent and context.

    By 2024, 70% of organizations relying solely on ML for AI initiatives will spend more money per model than those leveraging composite AI techniques.

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