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Content User

Streamline the process of developing and analyzing content with intelligent tools.

As a content user, you want a technology that transforms the documents and material that you regularly handle into intelligent content. You care about language and meaning, so you want a software that helps you access this meaning and turn out content that is fine-tailored to specific demographics, use cases, and business value. Whether it pertains to marketing, documentation, or legal aspects of your organization, content users understand firsthand how much effort is required in content analysis and production.

Caring about the small details and the big picture simultaneously, you want a software that automates your ability to make connections between content and the real world.

With a heavy hand in content management, you as a content user are frustrated with the following:

Long documents that consist of pages upon pages of text

Time consuming content review


Arduous research collection and analysis


Difficulty making content actionable and reusable

To combat these issues, you need a technology that:


Turns unstructured text and multimedia assets into meaningful content


Annotates and classifies documents quickly and precisely


Automates the research process through agile taxonomies


Helps generate predictive models for specific use cases

We have what you are looking for. Use PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Check out some examples of how your specific role as a content user can benefit from the PoolParty software!


As a marketing professional, you are motivated by how you can effectively communicate to your audience. You want the content that you strategize and produce to lead to concrete results such as lead conversion, increased traffic, etc. PoolParty’s semantic search capabilities can help you achieve tailored audience reach and engagement.

PoolParty Feature Highlights: 

  • Improve SEO by using advanced keyword management that is powered by semantic linked data
  • Generate strong leads through semantic search by matching user intent to products

As a legal professional, the smallest of details can mean a lot for your work. Contracts, legal cases, labor laws etc. all require that you move through content with a fine-toothed comb in order to develop insights and protect your organization’s assets. All this is rather painstaking work, but PoolParty can help you automate your research and contract review processes.

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Manage risk through contract automation. Leave no room for human error by using Natural Language Processing to check and analyze legal documents before making final edits
  • Use taxonomies and knowledge graphs to minimize time spent on research and model case predictions

As a technical writer, your role requires your own expertise as well as input from product developers. You oversee large volumes of content in various formats that is often time- sensitive according to product releases. PoolParty’s Taxonomy & Thesaurus Server allows you to manage a universal language across multiple departments and SME to create highly searchable content.  

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Classify and tag content according to specific features or release versions in order to locate and update articles more efficiently
  • Implement semantic search on your help platforms to give readers of your documentation the most relevant results 


PoolParty’s Professional Services and Support teams are rated high for satisfaction.

Customers of PoolParty made their voices heard in the unbiased research service, SoftwareReviews, that collects reviews and analyzes them across a variety of metrics and competitors. Our users testified to the high quality of support they received with PoolParty.

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