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Ontology Management

Make meaning with data connections

While creating and maintaining a taxonomy is the first step in achieving clean, organized data, ontology management allows for rich data understanding. An ontology that successfully leverages its close relationship to the taxonomy is able to produce meaning that could not be found otherwise. In short, an ontology gives you the ability to express the precise meaning of entities and their relationships to each other.

Ontologies for deep knowledge organisation

Here at Semantic Web Company, we like to work with taxonomies and thesauri when it comes to supporting the classic tasks of knowledge management: classification, tagging, metadata enrichment, search, recommendation, and insights. However, the world of semantic techniques goes further. If the business case demands higher expressivity, we extend our models with custom schemas and work with ontologies. The world we open up allows us to model business and domain logics as well as higher complex systems from pharma and finance.

Where enterprises use the power of ontologies

Altogether, our semantic capabilities allow you to transform inconsistent metadata often found in siloed systems into interoperable knowledge graphs that build the foundation for intelligent applications. These applications use your data more effectively so that you can benefit from a more productive workforce and a happier customer base.

Capture business logic

Business or process logic is often only “hardcoded” into the actual applications. Actors, dependencies, business constraints and critical paths are often captured only as unstructured documentation. This is where the expressivity of ontologies comes into play, as they are able to represent business logic within the knowledge model in a machine-readable way. A representation on which further Intelligence can be connected to. 

Flexible data access

Relational data models are rigid and there is a good reason for this, as they were developed for exactly one application. Data described on the basis of ontologies can be flexibly linked via mechanisms such as ontology-based data access (OBDA) and reused by a wide variety of applications.

Drive business intelligence

Ontology-based systems can automatically draw conclusions to gain new insights or make predictions based on existing knowledge. By applying algorithms based directly on the ontology, they e.g. can uncover hidden relationships between companies, highlight suspicious transactions, or suggest investment strategies and opportunities.

Describe dependencies

Ontologies focus on the connections between concepts so that the way they interact and the role they play can be represented in detail. This added expressivity is particularly sought after in applications where concepts matter fewer than interactions. This makes ontologies an ideal tool for modeling phenomena we see in pharma and finance.

What’s special on PoolParty Ontology Management

Start simple go big

While PoolParty operates primarily with semantic web SKOS and OWL standards, it also supports the use of custom schemes that are non-SKOS. You can start with simple knowledge models based on SKOS and extend to OWL ontologies. SCHACL language can be used to further validate the data and act as an endpoint for complex queries.

Cold start your Ontology design

PoolParty lets you design knowledge graphs at your own pace and with speed. Create your own ontologies and custom schemes by reusing already existing ontologies such as FOAF, FIBO, and CHEBI, among others. Apply them to your existing taxonomies with ease.


PoolParty’s adaptable platform allows you to scale your data model as you go. Any updates to your ontology can be done quickly and efficiently. These ontologies serve as a prerequisite to enterprise knowledge graphs, which enable you to have a comprehensive, enriched overview of your business.

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