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Data User

Leverage semantic artificial intelligence to eliminate the headaches associated with unstructured data.

As a data user, you are used to dealing with large and often diverse volumes of data that require careful scrutinization of tiny details as efficiently as possible. Your ability to draw knowledge and decision-making from data directly impacts your company’s ability to grow and improve. With such a complex role, data users look for technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate data analysis processes without sacrificing high quality standards. Benefit from software that helps you cleanse, classify, connect, and analyze your data for faster details in a more targeted manner.

Your role is important because you provide the insights that are necessary for decision makers to act on reasonable facts, and not impulses. 

As a data user, you experience the challenges of data management firsthand:


High volumes of data in diverse formats


Poor data quality that is difficult to analyze


Maintaining data security and compliance


Disparate data silos and multiple databases to control

To combat these issues, you need a technology that:


Efficiently cleans and analyzes unstructured data


Improves the quality of data classification and prediction


Provides rich data visualization capabilities


Standardizes sources and databases

We have what you are looking for. Use PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Check out some examples of how your role as a data user can benefit from the PoolParty software!


As a data analyst, your job is to organize and interpret data in order to make it useful for your business. Your forecasting is crucial for business leaders to make informed decisions about current processes and next steps for innovation. PoolParty ensures that you can analyze your data from an easily manageable database.

PoolParty Feature Highlights: 

  • Integrate well-established technologies such as graph databases or data visualization tools to prepare business report
  • Benefit from semantic search and auto-tagging to optimize foundational task such as preparing data for analysis.

As a data scientist, you straddle both the business and IT world. You have the technical ability to run data tests and sample modelling techniques, but you also have an interest in developing data insights. PoolParty allows you to create rich data with advanced languages and semantic data models.

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Improve the quality of your work by enhancing datasets with rich, descriptive metadata
  • Learn the power of query languages for knowledge graphs such as SPARQL or GraphQL, which go beyond what most data scientists have been using so far

    Your work as a data engineer lays the foundation for your data analyst and scientist counterparts. You use your special engineering knowledge to build and maintain data pipelines across all your data profiles. PoolParty’s software gives you the ability to design and test your infrastructure.

    PoolParty Feature Highlights:

    • Build a knowledge graph to serve as a foundation for semi-automated categorization and content linking
    • Work with a semantic software that is ISO 27001:2013 certified 

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