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PoolParty Search and Recommender

Get relevant results in less time with sophisticated search and recommendations.

Trigger a full-text search query and narrow down the results using search facets.

Get further reading suggestions and dive deeper into your topic.

Easily configure your search and recommendation settings in the PoolParty Workbench.

PoolParty Search and Recommender comprises a range of search capabilities built on Semantic AI. These applications are highly configurable, allowing the user to display information according to their specific needs. With PoolParty Search and Recommender, users can benefit from knowledge retrieval that understands the user’s natural language, where faceted search helps to narrow down results, and recommendations are based on intent and context.

PoolParty is prized for its ability to integrate with customer applications. Connect PoolParty Search to your CMS and existing projects to find documents with ease. 

SoftwareReviews is a research service that collects unbiased reviews of software vendors capabilities and measures them across companies in the industry. In this report, PoolParty received 80% scores or higher in Automation of Metadata, APIs, and Integration capabilities.

Experience advanced semantic search in a user-friendly graphical interface

Combine the power of graph databases and SPARQL engines

Use the “Concept Display” to see how the tagged concepts relate to each other and let you jump to other topics relevant to your search

Transform and harmonize documents/data into RDF using PoolParty Unified Views so that it can be ready for the GraphSearch application 

Filter and narrow down search queries with facets that are based on a taxonomy

Automatically index linked RSS feeds with Solr or Elasticsearch

Get sophisticated content recommendations from a tailor-made recommender system.

Semantic recommender systems are driven by domain, context, and intent, which means that they are highly customizable to an organization’s specific use case. With a PoolParty Recommender, content that is not explicitly related (but still relevant) to the search query can be surfaced; a user can find exactly what they are looking for PLUS benefit from additional helpful information.

Avoid the “cold-start problem” by using structured data and text annotations

    Use semantic footprinting and query expansion to get recommendations that are not only based on similarity but implicit connections

      Benefit from traceable recommendations to make sound decisions

        Incorporate linked data such as Wikidata and/or DBpedia to easily broaden the knowledge model

        Factor in multilingualism with bundled concepts

        The recommender system acts as a “virtual assistant” that is built for you, and is designed by internal company experts so that it is more precise than others on the market.

        Easily set up your configuration in the Workbench.

        The PoolParty Workbench makes it easy to configure your search or recommendation space in the backend. A system administrator or user with editing permissions can turn features on/off with a simple click, and decide which factors they want the applications to draw from. These configurations can easily be pushed to a PoolParty ADF frontend.

        Choose the PoolParty thesauri and Unified Views repositories you want to run the search space on – you can draw from multiple projects at once

        Determine which facets you want to display in the search frontend and how deep in the hierarchy you want the facets to go

        Enter the minimum score a concept has to reach to be extracted. The score ranges from 1 to 100 where a higher score means that the concept is more relevant for the processed text 

          Resolve language ambiguities by drawing upon the connected thesaurus and local context – what would normally take sophisticated coding work, only takes seconds in PoolParty by toggling a lever 

          Use a corpus and shadow concepts to broaden the scope of the recommendations

          Set the languages for multilingual search and recommendations

          While it is typically a data scientist or machine learning expert who handles the configuration of such systems, the user-friendly interface of PoolParty can even be used by a subject matter expert, who is typically a non-technical user.

          Get started with the Discovery Bundle.

          The Discovery Bundle provides robust search and recommendation that draws upon automatic text analysis and consistent tagging capabilities.

          This bundle gives you access to the PoolParty Taxonomy Manager + Ontology Management, the PoolParty Extractor, the Recommendor and the GraphSearch API.

          Learn more about PoolParty Search and Recommender! Chat with an expert to discuss use cases and see a demo of the tool.