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Services offered with PoolParty Semantic Suite

PoolParty Semantic Suite’s Semantic Web experts can help you seamlessly leverage our innovative technology. Our services are the foundation for a successful technology roll-out. You can benefit from effective and sustainable knowledge transfer as well as from a structured project methodology to kick off your technology initiative with PoolParty. We also provide extensive product documentation and 24/7 support services. Find out more about our partner network and what services they offer.

Semantic Web Trainings

PoolParty Semantic Suite combined with our training offer allows you to tackle complex challenges in information management. We offer you practice-oriented training based on live-demos and complete training material in the PoolParty Academy.

Semantic Web Starter Kit

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers a structured project methodology to guide you into the advantages of semantic technologies in a cost-effective and agile manner. We demonstrate the benefits of semantic solutions for your business based on a prototype tailored to your application.

Knowledge Engineering Services

PoolParty is not only a tool for enterprise knowledge graph management. Based on well-proven methodologies, we also support the development of an appropriate knowledge architecture as well as the ongoing development of the underlying knowledge models.

Linked Data Strategy Development

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps you to connect data from various departments and organizations. Along the whole Linked Data Lifecycle, we support you with developing implementation strategies and with choosing the right technologies to tackle a variety of challenges in enterprise data management.

Customized Data Portals for Better Analytics and Visualization

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps you save costs and deliver faster with customized data portals developed by our experienced information professionals. You benefit from flexible dashboards with meaningful and contextualized analytics as well as visualizations.

Outsourced Integration and Development

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers over 15 years of experience and a team of world-class semantic web experts to solve your integration and development challenges. You can easily integrate PoolParty Semantic Suite with any IT system and develop your applications further to customize them to your specific needs.

PoolParty’s Professional Services and Support teams are rated high for satisfaction.

Customers of PoolParty made their voices heard in the unbiased research service, SoftwareReviews, that collects reviews and analyzes them across a variety of metrics and competitors. Our users testified to the high quality of support they received with PoolParty.

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