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ESG and Sustainability AI Solutions

AI to shape your sustainability strategy

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AI solutions to shape your company’s sustainable future

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ESG Navigator

Above the surface, ESG seems like a lot of red tape that can be avoided by publishing a buzzword-filled report at the end of the year. However, below the surface, ESG presents a lot of corporate risks: compliance risk, investment risk, supply chain risk, and reputation risk. The underlying problem associated with these risks is that organizations lack clarity on standards and are fed data from too many sources.

Our ESG Navigator can help organizations get a better holistic picture of the data and actively manage their risks.

ESG Knowledge Graph

At the core of our knowledge graph is the esg knowledge model, which was developed by our domain experts. The knowledge model can be used as a reference point for text analyses, automatic classification of ESG reports, etc. and can also be integrated into other applications such as CMS or ERP software. The model comprises more than 6,000 concepts and over 40,000 terms describing the following entities.


  • Corporates and Sovereigns
  • Financial market participants
  • ESG frameworks and metrics
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Clean technologies

Developing sustainability and ESG strategies with NextGenAI

The PoolParty Suite is a proven platform to implement scalable systems for Knowledge Management, Document Management and Digital Workplace Solutions. More than 15 years of experience and our cutting-edge applications in Semantic and Generative AI are now available for the automation of sustainability-related tasks. We have been supporting global companies in their digital transformation for years. Our NextGen AI solutions will also ensure your company’s success in the coming transformation.

Use Cases

ESG and sustainability are increasingly determining our daily business activities. The time of trials and temporary work-arounds are long gone, so reliable ESG solutions are necessary.

For Companies

ESG Policy

Our ESG services offer extensive content to help Compliance and Sustainability departments gain insight into sustainability performance as well as policies and practices adopted by peers for comparative and competitive advantage purposes.

Investor Relations

With our services, you can present the added value of your sustainability content in line with the requirements of international investors and thus attract liquidity and investments for your sustainability product.

Supplier Evaluation

Our ESG services will give corporate insight into risks related to their supply chain and how they are considered in the respective frameworks as well as the opportunities associated with them.

Sustainability Reporting

We offer solutions that support companies in optimizing their sustainability reporting. Our solution provides guidance and controls to meet the requirements of the framework and benchmark against other companies.

For Institutional Investors 


Active ESG Investing

Our analysis tools allow active managers to make a detailed selection of specific securities based on detailed sustainability-related indicators to construct customised benchmarks or pick alpha generators while considering risks and opportunities.

Balance risk and opportunities

By providing an overview of the risks and comparing them with the opportunities, our AI solutions can help select the optimal security, align it with the investor’s objectives and develop specific impact investment strategies.

Portfolio Decarbonisation

With our help and the extensive content of the peer comparison and compliance check, investors can manage their portfolio by reducing their exposure to the largest greenhouse gas emitters. They can also invest in companies that are taking measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmentally friendly business models.

Report Processing

By using our AI solutions, financial market participants, financial advisors and providers of insurance products can meet regulatory deadlines while performing a peer comparison of ESG data, risks and opportunities.

Professional Game Changers

Experts who drive change need the best tools they can get. Some of the following roles can benefit from our ESG and sustainability AI solutions.

ESG Strategists

Portfolio Managers

Asset owners

Risk Managers

Sustainability Committee

Supply Chain Analysts


Impact Investors


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