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The Knowledge Graph Cookbook

Slide Deck

Download this slide deck and see how The Knowledge Graph Cookbook can teach you everything you need to know about the technology.

Knowledge Graph – The New Unknown Beast

Slide Deck

What are Knowledge Graphs? In this presentation, you will learn about the different definitions of the Knowledge Graph, its building blocks and how the technology is currently being used. Download the slides and understand how Knowledge Graphs can be u …

Linking SharePoint Documents with Structured Data

Slide Deck

Download these slides to learn how linking SharePoint documents with structured data helps enterprises have a unified view of business-critical Information.

How Knowledge Graphs Drive the Business Value of Your Data and Strengthen Your AI Strategy

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Download this presentation to learn how our customers are using Knowledge Graphs to drive the business value of their data and strengthen their AI strategy.

Ontology-based Data Access: The Interplay of SPARQL and Entailment Regimes

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Learn about how the interplay of updates and reasoning is treated in the paradigm of Ontology-based data access (OBDA).

Data Integration across the Linked Data Lifecycle

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Learn how the Semantic Web tackles the problem of data integration across the Linked Data Lifecycle based on real use cases and demos.