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Semantic AI Applications


Selected Solutions

This displays an example of a PoolParty application that is built on a Semantic RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation).

Knowledge Graph-Infused LLM

Graph RAG Search and Chatbot Solution

 ​​A Graph RAG design pattern combines symbolic AI (knowledge graphs) and generative AI (LLM) for better domain fidelity and fewer hallucinations. It uses natural language processing and semantic search to ensure that documents are found based on the user’s intent of the query, as well as generates new content and summaries about this topic while in dialogue with the chatbot. 

With our newest application, you can ask the LLM environmental-related questions and it will provide answers, follow-ups, recommended articles, and summaries.

helthdirect Australia solution image

healthdirect Australia

Semantic Search Portal

The platform bundles content from over 140 specialized information providers. Users benefit from valuable and quality-assured medical information, which is made accessible through smart semantic search applications. Semantic capabilities such as faceted search and autocompletion enrich the portal with intelligence that enable non-experts to do specialized research.

GBPN solution image

HR Recommender

Semantic Matchmaking Demo

The HR Recommender is a semantic matchmaking tool based on a knowledge graph. It is designed to connect employees with their coworkers, show them relevant projects, and let them know about interesting career opportunities within their organization.

Education services Australia solution image

Education Services Australia


There is a rapidly expanding amount of online teaching materials available to schools. Indeed, teachers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources. The Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) provides a controlled vocabulary of terms used in Australian and New Zealand schools. It encompasses all subject areas as well as terms describing educational and administrative processes. The thesaurus links non-preferred terms to curriculum terms.

The World Bank solution image

The World Bank

Enterprise Topic Thesaurus

The Enterprise Topic Thesaurus is a thesaurus which represents the concepts and terms used to describe the World Bank Group’s topical knowledge domains and areas of expertise. It supports the collaboration process of interdisciplinary teams, where individuals are not acqainted with terminology from other departments.

Geological Survey of Austria solution image

Geological Survey of Austria

Controlled Vocabulary for Geosciences

The thesauri displays the knowledge area of geosciences and can be used for free by the respective community. It can be downloaded and used for a variety of applications as semantic search portals and content classification. With the creation of semantic and technically interoperable geodata sets the Geological Survey implements the legal requirements of an EU directive.

Selected Functional Applications

Semantic integrator image

Semantic Matchmaker Demo

The Semantic Matchmaker is a semantic matchmaking tool based on a Semantic Data Fabric using PoolParty as the Semantic Middleware and as the Data Catalog. It is designed to simulate the use case of automatically connecting (matching) Consultants (based on their skills and experience) to Projects (based on the project description).

PoolParty faceted search interface image

News Classifier Demo

This is a News Classification demo built in Drupal using PoolParty Thesaurus, Extractor and Classifier API methods. Various Machine Learning Classifiers have been trained using the PoolParty Semantic Classifier!

Search and Recommender Demo

This demo application showcases in a user-friendly interface the powerful search and recommendation features of PoolParty GraphSeach. Pick a wine or cheese and find a recommendation.
helthdirect Australia solution image

PoolParty Meets ChatGPT

ESG Chatbot Solution

While ChatGPT has had a monumental impact on the world of chatbots, it has limitations that can be remedied by a knowledge graph. Using a knowledge graph that models the Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG) domain, PoolParty Meets ChatGPT adds an additional layer to ChatGPT that not only provides more comprehensive answers but also enrichens the answers with sources from the knowledge graph.

PoolParty Visual Mapper image

PoolParty GraphViews Demo

PoolParty GraphViews automatically transforms your data into interactive, visual knowledge graphs tailored to the needs of analysts. Quickly discover relationships between entities without having to write complex SPARQL queries or edit data.

Multifaceted HR Knowledge Discovery

Match employee skills with salaries or technology trends in this HR Demo. With PoolParty GraphSearch you can link internal and external data sources in one user-friendly interface for better analytics, search and recommendation capabilities.

Question Answering System

Question Answering System

Together, the PoolParty Semantic Suite and QAnswer offer a knowledge graph-centric enterprise solution for querying your enterprise data in natural language that is multilingual, explainable, accurate, and scalable.

Contract Intelligence Demo

 Contract Intelligence Demo

PoolParty Sense Extraction makes contract management much easier. Extract information from current and legacy contracts to minimize risk, stay compliant, uncover hidden costs and opportunities and make informed business decisions.

Entity Recognition

Entity Recognition Demo

The Entity Recognition Demo is a semantic extraction tool based on a knowledge graph and machine learning algorithms for Named Entity Recognition (NER). It is designed to show the capabilities of the PoolParty Extractor regarding the extraction of concepts, terms, and previously trained named entity recognizers. By also including trained classifiers from the Semantic Classifier this tool also shows how documents can be categorized.

Graph Visualization

Graph Visualization with PoolParty

Graph visualisation with PoolParty supports knowledge discovery. Learn how you can query a RDF graph interactively, and how this supports your understanding of the subject matter.

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In the background of each of these applications, PoolParty is the foundation. To create your own cutting-edge solution, you can get started easy with PoolParty. Try it out now with our Semantic AI Starter Kit!