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Financial Services & Insurance

Make data your strongest currency.

The financial industry is facing an increasing rush to meet the growing digital needs of banking customers. At the same time, the demands on risk management are steadily increasing. Incremental improvements in data quality and consistent metadata management are the keys to achieving goals that deliver real customer value, while still keeping data protected and secure.

Knowledge Graphs are the new black! (…) From usable chatbot, guided processes to automated advisors, we’ll see increased use in many industries and domains, including healthcare, financial services, and supply chain

Jean-Luc Chatelain, Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer, Accenture Applied Intelligence

The PoolParty Semantic Suite provides AI solutions for financial services that help enable companies to analyze, link and integrate data, whether structured or unstructured, in an agile way – all while complying with all regulatory requirements.

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Manage Financial Assets

Banks operate various databases for their financial asset management. Graph technologies support in-depth analysis of the data and allow for an agile approach when creating financial and business reports.

Bridge Data Silos

Better understand where the biggest risks are in your data centers. Using a knowledge graph, you can connect disparate silos and databases to make potential risks more visible. With a comprehensive overview of your data, you can perform better due diligence on behalf of your clients.

Organize Retail Banking

Banking employees suffer from weakly structured and difficult-to-find work instructions to advise customers. AI solutions for financial services offer up a consistent semantic analysis and classification of available documents to quickly access relevant work instructions while complying with regulatory frameworks.

Promote Financial Literacy

Financial literacy not only contributes to personal customer wellness, but also fosters a strong relationship between the customer and their bank. Providing your customers with knowledge hubs and digital assistants via semantic search and recommender systems allows them to have rich financial learning paths.

Automate Compliance Checks

Unify client data with regulatory frameworks to check for compliance. PoolParty supports (semi)automated contract reviews, some of which perform more complex rules and text analysis than simple entity extraction.

Personalize Private Banking

Self-service portals are part of the digital private banking strategy. A key element of the system is a mapping between different metadata systems based on a semantic layer, which enables highly precise recommendation systems for private users.

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PoolParty Sense Extraction makes contract management much easier. Extract information from current and legacy contracts to minimize risk, stay compliant, uncover hidden costs and opportunities and make informed business decisions.

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