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Knowledge Graphs deliver customer value for the banking and insurance sector.

The financial industry is facing an increasing rush to meet the growing digital needs of bank customers. At the same time, the demands on risk management are constantly increasing. Link your data while staying compliant and agile! Step-by-step improvements are the key to achieving goals that deliver real customer value.

Get inspired by our Use Cases!

Have a look what banking institutions and insurance companies already have achieved and add to their business success with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Download the full use cases here and get in touch with our industry experts for more information.

Financial Asset Management: Deep Analysis

The Bank operates various databases for its financial asset management. The use of graph technologies allows for a more in-depth analysis of the data and a more agile approach when creating reports.

Global Research: Information Channelling

All news and market analyses are classified and annotated according to a controlled vocabulary and thus provided as a knowledge graph which enables de-siloed distribution of information.


Better understand where the biggest risks are in your data centers. Thanks to semantic modelling and visualization of the risk factors, this can be recognized more quickly and possible solutions can be developed.

Knowledge Management: Semantic Search and Reuse of Data

To organize the masses of documents in SharePoint is a struggle. With the help of consistent vocabularies, automatic tagging based on text mining and the resulting semantic search, the Office environment has been streamlined.

Legal Department: Compliance and Regulatory Framework

PoolParty supports (semi)automated contract reviews, some of which perform more complex rules and text analysis than simple entity extraction.

Marketing: Financial Literacy

To provide customers with an information portal to improve their financial literacy, digital assistants align different language worlds to help customers acquire financial literacy through individual learning paths.

Private Banking: Personalization

Self-service portals are part of the digital private banking strategy. A key element of the system is a mapping between different metadata systems based on a semantic layer, which enables highly precise recommender systems for private users.

Retail Banking: Working Instructions

The Bank’s employees suffer from weakly structured and difficult-to-find work instructions, to advise customers. Consistent semantic analysis and classification of available documents are efficient to quickly access relevant work instructions while complying with regulatory frameworks.

Your advantages:

  • PoolParty semantic technology suite provides smart solutions to connect data sources without the hurdles of data migration. Departments such as Fraud Detection and Credit Risk Management become more effective.
  • By implementing PoolParty middleware, you transform your existing software solutions. Thus your CRM becomes even faster!
  • Semantic technologies create and analyze customer and market information on a granular level that generates relevant insights for your consulting and sales approaches.
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Categorize and Connect

Build a knowledge graph that categorizes and connects product information: one that recognizes the relevant context and displays content bundles. PoolParty is at the heart of your information engine.
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CRM with a Semantic Layer

PoolParty lets you enrich your information architecture with metadata. The text analytics instruments of PoolParty complement your customer profiling with a qualitative dimension.
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Investment Analytics

PoolParty lets you connect databases and create customized information portals. Your employees save valuable research time and thus act smarter within your fast-moving ecosystem.

Our Customers from the finance sector benefit from Semantic Technology Solutions

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