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Now You Can Serve Each Connected Customer Individually!

The financial industry is facing an increasing rush to meet the growing digital needs of bank customers. At the same time, the demands on risk management are constantly increasing. Link your data while staying compliant and agile! Step-by-step improvements are the key to achieving goals that deliver real customer value.

PoolParty Makes Your Agile Processes Smooth

PoolParty is a powerful semantic middleware that links data across different systems.
It sets an end to data silos, building on your existing IT infrastructure.
Based on industry-standards, you can easily exchange data with external partners.
The semantic technology suite includes modern analytical instruments
such as text analysis that boost your corporate intelligence.

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Categorize and Connect

Build a knowledge graph that categorizes and connects product information: one that recognizes the relevant context and displays content bundles. PoolParty is at the heart of your information engine.
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CRM with a Semantic Layer

PoolParty lets you enrich your information architecture with metadata. The text analytics instruments of PoolParty complement your customer profiling with a qualitative dimension.
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Investment Analytics

PoolParty lets you connect databases and create customized information portals. Your employees save valuable research time and thus act smarter within your fast-moving ecosystem.

Your Benefits

  • PoolParty semantic technology suite provides smart solutions to connect data sources without the hurdles of data migration. Departments such as Fraud Detection and Credit Risk Management become more effective.
  • By implementing PoolParty middleware, you transform your existing software solutions. Thus your CRM becomes even faster!
  • Semantic technologies create and analyze customer and market information on a granular level that generates relevant insights for sales.

Our Customers Profit from Semantic Technology Solutions

Selected Customer References:

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