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PoolParty Entity Extractor

Text Mining at the highest level: Entity Extraction based on knowledge models combined with methods of machine learning. Use PoolParty to analyze even knowledge-intensive and complex text patterns.

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Precise Extraction

  • Knowledge extraction: extract terms, phrases and named entities from unstructured information with high accuracy.
  • Auto classification: streamline your workflows with PoolParty’s reliable auto classifier.
  • Entity linking: automate your processes based on a machine-processable framework, facilitated by standards based formats, and through links to your knowledge graph.
  • Disambiguation: benefit from algorithms and a rule engine, which understand the meaning of your text.

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Extensive NLP Capabilities

  • Language-agnostic: entity extraction for virtually any language alive.
  • Reference text corpora: precise term extraction for any language by the use of reference corpora.
  • Computational linguistics: quality lexicographic resources for over 40 languages.
  • Linked data harvesting: rapid deployment of seed thesauri in multiple languages by the use of linked data sources like DBpedia.
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Integration & Performance

  • JSON RESTful API: learn quickly and profit from PoolParty’s easy-to-be-integrated APIs.
  • Scalable: benefit from a highly performant and scalable cluster solution that grows with the increasing volume of your information streams.
  • Graph databases: PoolParty Extractor is natively integrable with any RDF graph database.
  • Content enrichment: following our standard integration procedure, you can integrate with virtually any CMS you like.
  • Semantic search: PoolParty Extractor integrates with any search engine on the market.

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