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PoolParty Extractor

Graph-based text mining at the highest level.

Create and manage a concept that includes its preferred label, alternative/hidden labels, definitions, and more.

Easily configure settings to disambiguate terms. 

Add or delete candidate concepts detected within an uploaded text. 

The PoolParty Extractor is an intelligent text mining tool based in semantic technologies. It combines machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques with knowledge graphs to enable algorithms to better analyze text by not only processing words, but understanding the underlying concepts and their context.

Why does this matter? Because unstructured data (a.k.a text) contains a lot of ambiguities that a machine cannot process unless told how to interpret it. PoolParty does this with little training data and automates tagging workflows so that you can have enriched metadata rather than a jumble of text fragments.  

PoolParty ranks higher than industry average in taxonomy and metadata management capabilities.

SoftwareReviews is a research service that collects unbiased reviews of software vendors capabilities and measures them across companies in the industry. Aside from the features referenced in the chart, PoolParty also got over 80% scores in Automation of Metadata and APIs and Integration capabilities.

Extract meaning instead of strings

The PoolParty Extractor extracts meaningful phrases from a document to identify what content is about. The result is that the metadata is richer and more precise, helping to create a knowledge representation that accurately fit the company’s domain. 

Automatically extract relevant concepts and specialized entities (e.g. product codes or file numbers), timestamps, names, or locations

Use machine learning based Named Entity Recognition (NER) capabilities to extract organizations, people, and locations

Uncover “masked” shadow concepts that are not explicitly written in the text

Detect the “aboutness” of a text using domain-specific sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms (SVM, Deep Learning, Naive Bayes, and more)

Leverage corpus learning to denote value to a term based on its relevance to the text instead of frequency (our competitors go for the less meaningful approach)

Tackle linguistic challenges in your text with natural language processing. 

Content is made up of natural language which can be tricky to interpret because it contains issues such as ambiguity in the same word meaning a different thing, i.e. apple like the fruit and Apple like the tech company. The PoolParty Extractor doesn’t require complex rules to overcome these challenges.

Use PoolParty’s word sense disambiguation to distinguish ambiguous terms based on local context of the term in a knowledge graph

Analyze words using lemmatization techniques based on a dictionary (available in multiple languages)

Extract the metadata which makes your content  intelligent.

Text mining in a thesaurus serves as the backbone for semantic concept tagging. The benefit to maintaining tags in a taxonomy is the consistency it provides through its hierarchical structure and controlled vocabularies. 

Make use of synonyms through preferred labels, alternative labels, and hidden labels

Sort concepts into their corresponding classes and concept schemes in the taxonomy for better categorization

Harmonize annotations with RDF data for graph databases in PoolParty Unified Views 

Use the enriched metadata to benefit from a semantic search engine

    Our automated concept tagging serves as the basis of ready-made integrations like PoolParty for SharePoint, Tridion Sites, and Adobe Experience Manager. Use PoolParty to take your CMS to the next level. 

    Other features you’ll love:

    Corpus Management

    Improve the extraction of terms by relating them to a knowledge graph built on a set of documents representative of the domain, called a corpus.

    Extraction workbench

    With the Extractor’s test extraction function, you can configure and reproduce in a real-time GUI how the extractor works and can be optimized.

    Multiple Corpora

    You can extend the text-mining capabilities of PoolParty by uploading multiple corpora.


    Semantic Classifier

    PoolParty offers a unique tool to make classification of hundreds or thousands of digital documents in a breeze.


    The PoolParty Extractor can pull relevant entities from a text and tag thousands of documents in less than an hour.

    Users can start right away:

    You don’t need to be an IT person to use the PoolParty suite of tools. Anyone from your team can get quickly acquainted with your software.

    “Initially, it took the engineering team up to two weeks to edit basic terms or single tags. Because of PoolParty, however, this time window has shrunk to less than 24 hours!”

    Dana Bublitz

    Senior Information Architect , Microsoft Docs

    Get started with the Enterprise Bundle.

    The PoolParty Enterprise licensing bundle has advanced features for organizations who wish to enrich their data and content. Users can create a network of metadata that’s built on NLP, text mining, and automated tagging. 

    The Enterprise Bundle gives users access to the PoolParty Thesaurus Manager and the PoolParty Extractor, plus the ability to add on optional modules such as PoolParty for SharePoint

    Learn more about the PoolParty Extractor! Chat with an expert to discuss use cases and see a demo of the tool.