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PoolParty GraphViews

Discover the hidden connections in your data with the help of graph visualizations.

Search for terms in your knowledge graph to get a comprehensive overview of its details and relations. 

See how the selected term appears in the taxonomy tree. 

Get visualizations of your knowledge graph. 

PoolParty GraphViews is a PoolParty add-on that helps organizations transform data into interactive and visual knowledge graphs tailored to the needs of analysts. Users can visualize their taxonomies and ontologies to add context to their data and see the relations between data points in a user-friendly interface.

360-Degree Views on Knowledge Graphs

Get a quick overview of your knowledge graphs

Explore, visualize and interact with your data to gain new insights and discover connections

Identify trends, exceptions and patterns in your data quickly

Make informed decisions based on graph visualization of your linked data

Download or share your graph visualizations to roll them into analysts’ workflows

Find Connections You Didn’t Know Existed

Visualize relationships between business objects and data to support knowledge modeling processes

Find hidden relations between entities in a user-friendly interface – any user can make sense of knowledge graph visualizations

Discover relationships between entities without having to write complex SPARQL queries or edit data