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PoolParty GraphViews

Discover the many hidden connections, develop a view of the big picture and view your data with the help of graph visualizations.

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360-Degree Views on Knowledge Graphs

  • Get a quick overview of your knowledge graphs
  • Explore, visualize and interact with your data to gain new insights and discover connections
  • Identify trends, exceptions and patterns in your data quickly
  • Make informed decisions based on graph visualization of your linked data
  • Download or share your graph visualizations to roll them into analysts’ workflows

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Find Connections You Didn't Know Existed

  • Visualize relationships between things and data to support knowledge modeling processes
  • Benefit from data that is linked to other data to address specific issues or learning situations
  • Find hidden relations between entities intuitively; any user can make sense of knowledge graph visualizations
  • Discover relationships between entities without having to write complex SPARQL queries or edit data
  • Support collaborative and communicative processes in an interface that organizes data like our brains – through context and relations

Learn about Knowledge Graphs

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Look at the Same Data from Different Perspectives

  • Experience different views on graphs to better assess the scope of a knowledge domain
  • Transform your data into interactive and visual Knowledge Graphs tailored to the needs of analysts
  • Visualize Knowledge Graphs based on semantic web standards (taxonomies and ontologies) to add context to your data
  • Evaluate the quality of an existing Knowledge Graph to trust your data

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