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PoolParty Partner Program

Semantic Web Company and PoolParty have an excellent history of partnering with companies that strive towards making a global impact in Semantic Technologies. Together, we assist customers in the strategic development and implementation of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. 

PoolParty Partner Types

Consulting & Service Integrators

PoolParty Consulting & Services Partners are professional services firms that help current and potential customers implement PoolParty services and approaches.

Integrations & Solutions

PoolParty Integrations Partners see the opportunity to integrate PoolParty into their solutions, helping to create additional business value for their current and potential clients.

PoolParty Included

PoolParty Included Partners are OEM partners with the capability of augmenting and enhancing their product offerings by including PoolParty as an integral part of their solution. 

Technology Partners

PoolParty Technology Partners provide a product, solution or offering, which can be used to enhance the PoolParty product; making it more attractive to potential customers and Partners.

Value Added Resellers

PoolParty Resellers are active in selling PoolParty licenses as part of their normal business operation. PoolParty Resellers may fall into the category of Value-Added Resellers (VAR) as well as Referral Partners. 

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PoolParty is that transition from the old world of manual taxonomies to the new world of knowledge graphs. They help companies get started simple and move them into more advanced knowledge graph concepts. We see collaborations on all levels between both companies – that’s a great partner.

Joe Hilger, COO, Enterprise Knowledge