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As a leading Austrian IT services company with more than 650 employees who provides the whole spectrum of IT solutions to more than 130 customers from across all industries around the globe, EBCONT builds on many years of experience and offers a selected portfolio of technologies in addition to services. Partner companies such as PoolParty help leveraging the power of Semantics in a holistic data-driven system.

PoolParty’s robust framework for crafting knowledge graphs allows for the seamless management of established standards, taxonomies, and ontologies in a user-friendly manner. Integration with existing applications like MS SharePoint is effortless, enabling functions such as entity extraction, linking, NLP, and recommender features. Partnering with EBCONT offers not only system integration and support but also tailored custom development solutions to meet your specific needs.

EBCONT has been dealing with Semantics for more than a decade and is able to offer not only the implementation of full business solutions but also taking care of operating them after delivery, covering the whole IT project lifecycle. Whether it is data analysis, the creation of machine learning models and their combination with a semantic knowledge graph or the integration of your data in a Big Data platform to build new applications: with EBCONT you have the right partner.

“It is crucial to have implementation partners who both understand the underlying mathematical methods and have a holistic view of the customer’s business processes.”


Gregor Sieber, Executive Vice President & Head of Innovation at  EBCONT

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Expert Talk:

Discover how EBCONT identifies business prospects and helpful use cases to optimize your knowledge base along with the presentation of the new features of PoolParty for SharePoint. 

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Success Stories:

See EBCONT’s awarded solution of handling different legal text processing use cases resp. automated anonymization of court decisions and further law documents by detecting custom entities and metadata knowledge graphs.

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PoolParty for SharePoint Product Sheet:

Download this product sheet to take a look into some of the main features, the easy installation process, and what sets the PoolParty solution apart from others on the market.

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PoolParty for SharePoint is the solution that uses Semantic AI to automate content management in SharePoint Online and enable better information exchange – Capture the knowledge and expertise of your organization with ease!

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