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How to Break the Ice with PoolParty CardSorting

Slide Deck

Break the ice with PoolParty CardSorting to get started with your Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Download these slides to learn more!

Have a Conversation With Your Data!

Slide Deck

Download these slides to learn more about how combining knowledge graphs and natural language processing to develop question-answering systems will help you have a conversation with your data.

QAnswer + PoolParty

White paper

Give non-expert users fast access to enterprise data and provide them with answers to their questions with PoolParty Question Answering solution.

Knowledge Graphs: 5 Use Cases and 10 Steps to Get There

Recorded Webinar

Watch and learn ten simple steps to build a knowledge graph with the CEOs of two of the leading companies in the field of graph technologies.

PoolParty Product Updates: Introducing PoolParty CardSorting

Recorded Webinar

PoolParty CardSorting simplifies the creation of enterprise knowledge graphs by allowing users who are not taxonomists to also work on a taxonomy, collaborate remotely and save a lot of time thanks to the seamless integration with the PoolParty Thesaurus Server.

Data goes Agile with a Semantic Data Fabric and PoolParty Semantic Suite

Expert's Nuggets on Semantic AI

Watch this presentation from Florian Bauer, Director of Vertical Solutions at Semantic Web Company, and find out how and PoolParty, two leading metadata management platforms, have teamed up to provide a powerful Semantic Data Fabric solution.

Climate Change Action Through Artificial Intelligence: Putting Knowledge Graphs to Work

Recorded Webinar

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how climate change action through artificial intelligence and knowledge graphs can help leverage information to adapt to the impact of climate change.

Creating a Global Climate Action Knowledge Graph to Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Speed Progress on the Climate Agenda

White paper

This positioning paper to create a climate action Knowledge Graph focuses on current challenges and readily available solutions for data and information management to further climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development agendas.

The Road to AI requires a Semantic Data Fabric

Recorded Webinar

Watch this series of four webinars for free and on-demand to learn from what a semantic data fabric is to what the applications of this technology are in real-world scenarios.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Knowledge Graphs

Recorded Webinar

Watch Andreas Blumauer & Helmut Nagy, authors of ‘The Knowledge Graph Cookbook,’ answer a ramble through frequently asked questions about knowledge graphs.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook

Slide Deck

Download this slide deck and see how The Knowledge Graph Cookbook can teach you everything you need to know about the technology.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook Launch Webinar

Recorded Webinar

Watch The Knowledge Graph Cookbook launch webinar to learn why knowledge graphs are important and why you should care about them.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook


The Knowledge Graph Cookbook is a manual with recipes for knowledge graphs that help enterprises use data to innovate, create value and increase revenue.

Deep Text Analytics Applications & Cost Optimization

Expert's Nuggets on Semantic AI, Knowledge Graphs in 3 Minutes

How can you achieve significant cost optimization for your business by using Deep Text Analytics to analyze text and documents automatically? Learn more!

Three Levels of Knowledge in PoolParty Semantic Suite

Knowledge Graphs in 3 Minutes

Learn about the three levels of knowledge in PoolParty Semantic Suite: taxonomies, ontologies and, last but not least, your data.