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PoolParty for SharePoint

Find content in SharePoint quicker than ever.

SharePoint is already a trusted content management system among many companies, but what if semantic technologies could help accelerate the ways you manage and find your content? PoolParty for SharePoint lets you take advantage of semantic search, automated tagging, and a centralized taxonomy manager – offering a more powerful search experience to the native application.

Smarter search for a better SharePoint experience

Semantic Search

Relying on the powerful semantic concepts that annotate documents in SharePoint, semantic search engines can retrieve documents regardless of a user’s language in the search field.

As an example, consider the concept Budget Quarter 2, which has the alternative labels budget Q2 and budget May. If a user searches the keywords “budget q2,” the engine will draw upon all the synonyms tagged under that umbrella concept in bold, meaning that the user is given all the documents related to their search even if they haven’t specified it.

PoolParty Office 365 semantic search image

Semantic search uses the bundling of synonyms to ensure that a user gets all the information they seek, plus additional helpful information that is relevant to the search.

Faceted Search

Search facets are an efficient way to narrow down the search space and results according to a user’s search intent. Consider a clothes shopping site that lets you filter for different sizes, colors, prices, etc. – PoolParty for SharePoint lets you narrow down the categories of your document library so you can get nearer to the content you need more quickly.

In a matter of seconds, the user can reduce the number of documents that are retrieved from 250 results to 14 because they have chosen to only show tagged content.

Annotate your documents with richer tags in a fraction of the time.

PoolParty SharePoint PowerTagging image

Semantic Tagging

PoolParty can automatically extract the most relevant terms and phrases from a given document or text to form semantics concepts. Where enterprises often experience weeks of manual work to update documents with (rather simple) tags, PoolParty can provide more precise and enriched tags with no hassle. With automated tagging, enterprises can reduce overhead costs by removing the need for additional resources – which are often sourced by subject matter experts who could be better occupied in other tasks – and reducing the time spent on maintaining tags. 

More specifically, the advantage of these concepts is that you can bundle terms together with their synonyms, multilingual labels, and more, providing the basis of a semantic search engine that can retrieve results based on all these attributes instead of being limited to a simple keyword.

Manage your content centrally.

Enterprise Taxonomies

A taxonomy is championed for its ability to index information in a hierarchically structured format – organizing terms (or tags) according to the relations between them. It is these relations that help semantic search be so effective. PoolParty provides a user-friendly taxonomy editor that lets you maintain all your taxonomies in one place, and transfers the data to the SharePoint Term Store with the click of a button. 

Users can begin to experience the positive effects of a centrally managed taxonomy system right away. 

PoolParty Office 365 semantic search image

Get Started Easy

Only a few minutes after setup, the software is able to seamlessly label SharePoint documents, recommend documents with related content and semantic search, and enrich SharePoint documents with relevant information from external sources.

Interested in enhancing your current system with the PoolParty for SharePoint integration? Contact us!