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PoolParty for SharePoint

Capture the knowledge and expertise of your organization with ease.

PoolParty for SharePoint is the solution that uses Semantic AI to automate content management in SharePoint Online and enable better information exchange.

Narrow down the scope of your search with facets. Get nearer to your content more quickly.

Get content suggestions based on your search queries.

Explore the context of a tag. See synonyms, related concepts, and definitions.

Automatically generate semantic tags. Refine and add tags to a document as needed.

Enable knowledge exchange with AI you can trust.

Unlike other AI solutions that organize data without taking domain-specific particularities into account, Semantic AI helps you optimize content and knowledge discovery in a domain that closely resembles your business. Your team can refine the model based on the invaluable expertise they’ve gained in their role so that you don’t risk losing knowledge in your changing workplace.

Remain competitive by adopting a cutting edge, explainable AI

Mitigate risks by working with data that is a 1:1 match for your business

Make knowledge accessible across your organization by connecting disparate libraries 

Feel confident about content through maintaining a single source of truth

Empower your people to work independently and consistently

Spend less time looking for what you need.

SharePoint Online is great for storing documents in libraries, but it falls short when it comes to accessing and deriving information. The semantic search capabilities in PoolParty for SharePoint help you find and share valuable knowledge that supports professionals on the job, especially those working in knowledge intensive positions.

Retrieve documents in a fraction of the time with a new and improved search field

Get more relevant and accurate results based on semantically-enriched metadata

Benefit from additional content discovery with smart recommendations

Minimize the need for extensive browsing by narrowing down results with search facets

Explore the context of tags with our Info Box to see how documents and topics relate to each other

Turn demanding tasks into a streamlined workplace.

Where enterprises often experience weeks of manual work to update documents with (rather simple) tags, PoolParty can provide more precise and enriched tags with no hassle. Our solution allows you to capture and categorize information worth keeping, tag content so it’s easy to find, and validate it with expert approval to maintain quality.

Automate arduous tagging workflows so experts can focus on other tasks

Reduce overhead costs by removing the need for additional resources

Work in a user-friendly interface to refine tags as your business evolves (in real time)

Reduce dependencies on specific colleagues to get information

Shorten time-to-delivery because critical information is being found faster

Do better work with PoolParty for SharePoint.

Chief Information Officer

Optimize workflows and bring knowledge management to the next level.

Information Architect

Integrate your SharePoint workspace into a bigger enterprise knowledge ecosystem.

Knowledge Engineer

Use an agile taxonomy and ontology editor to easily manage all your taxonomies in one place.

Expert or End-user

Complete work in a user-friendly interface that leverages tagged libraries and smarter search.

Our customers have seen tremendous growth with PoolParty for SharePoint.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) provides funding and services to developing countries to support them in mitigating climate issues. As a customer of PoolParty for SharePoint, they can automatically tag all their documents and map relations between various types of data in a unified portal. In this portal, GCF can view a project’s lifecycle from submission to closure and help employees determine which projects to allocate to a specific client. 

Flavio Previtali, Knowledge Management Officer at GCF, gave a presentation about the work they have done in PoolParty for SharePoint in the PoolParty Summit 2023.

“Thanks to PoolParty we were able to tag thousand of documents stored in SharePoint Online and built a new application called Portfolio Knowledge Base that allows us to do quick search of GCF portfolio and run quick analytics for specific questions.”

Flavio Previtali


Pay one price for your whole team to benefit. 

PoolParty for SharePoint follows a licensing model with three subscription options: annual license, perpetual license, and cloud services. Even better, you pay the one license fee for your whole team so you don’t have to worry about budgeting for each individual user.

The features described in the following table are included in all subscription options.

Dive into the PoolParty ecosytem.

PoolParty for SharePoint was developed by Semantic Web Company – vendor of the most advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market, the PoolParty Semantic Suite. As a middleware, PoolParty serves as the powerful intermediary between customer databases and applications so that their knowledge models can continuously evolve in a stable, interconnected environment. 

PoolParty for SharePoint has been developed and improved over the years to satisfy individual customer needs. Our latest iteration of the solution is our greatest yet – and ready for any SharePoint Online user.

Are you a Microsoft Solutions Partner? Take your clientele to the next level with us.

Given the recent boom for AI, it’s likely that your clients are already looking for ways to innovate their workplace with AI integrations. Get them started with PoolParty for SharePoint! As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, your years of experience and deep knowledge of the SharePoint customer base would pair perfectly with our ready-made solution.

We look forward to establishing a relationship with you, and can promise the following:

Quick turnaround to put an agreement in place so that you can resell the PoolParty for SharePoint solution

Workshops to empower your sales and presales teams, as well as collaterals to support you during the presales and sales phases of your customer engagement

Access to a demo system to show customers what they can expect so they can quickly see the value of our solution

A starter kit package to get customers up and running quickly, as to shorten the time to value of their purchase