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PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite
that offers sharply focused solutions to
your knowledge organization and content business.
PoolParty is the most complete semantic middleware on the global market.
Use it to enrich your information with valuable metadata. Let it link your business and content assets automatically.

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Let Our Customers Convince You!

PoolParty is a very important cornerstone of our information architecture.

Christian Dirschl

Chief Content Architect, Wolters Kluwer Germany

Australian Health Thesaurus & PoolParty are integral to our search and content management strategy.

James Humffray

Information Manager , healthdirect Australia

We decided to use PoolParty as a scalable and easy-to-use thesaurus server.

Florian Bauer

Technical Director, REEEP

You did it again; delivering on time, on budget and in top quality. Great thanks to all of you!

Jens Laustsen

Technical Director, GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network)

PoolParty’s user-friendly interface allows me to manage complex relationships intuitively.

Emily Bulger

Taxonomy Manager, MissionBox

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PoolParty Product Overview

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