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PoolParty Smart Tagging for Tridion

RWS’ Tridion incorporates automated tagging and personalization through Semantic AI to produce intelligent content.

PoolParty has partnered with RWS, the creators of Tridion, to enhance its smart tagging capabilities and deliver the intelligent solution powered by Semantic AI. The solution is an OEM integration owned by Tridion that uses PoolParty tagging technology.

Tridion connects people, processes, and information with the most complete portfolio of collaborative Content Management, Knowledge Management and Headless delivery technologies. Organizations can expand their global reach by extending with Accelerators for fast time-to-value and RWS Translation Management solutions.

Tridion’s Intelligent Content Platform comprises Tridion Sites – a web management system used to deliver content to websites – and Tridion Docs – a content management system used to author and review content within an enterprise. With its latest release, Smart Tagging for Tridion relies on Semantic AI to enable semantic search and personalized content experiences. 

How does the PoolParty Smart Tagging for Tridion work?

The PowerTagging OEM integration with Tridion is built off of the following technologies:




Semantic concept tagging


Semantic search

Tridion’s Taxonomy Space serves as the foundation for the platform’s semantic features. The Taxonomy Space is supported by the PoolParty Thesaurus Server, where users can classify and tag content with a taxonomy.

Organizing and annotating content with a taxonomy brings better structure to the CMS because the content is annotated according to hierarchies and relations. The content is classified based on broader and narrower concepts, top level concepts, and concept schemes, providing consistency to the data and documents. 

Furthermore, Taxonomy Space enables Tridion’s Smart Tagging capabilities. Following the principles behind PoolParty PowerTagging, Tridion’s automated tagging uses semantic tags to create rich metadata.

When coupled with a taxonomy, the semantic concept tags allow users to bundle terms into one concept using synonyms, alternative labels, multilingual labels, and more. Altogether, the bundled attributes form a concept which can then be used to enable semantic search.

The search field in Tridion retrieves results based on the concepts in order to make more precise, intelligent searches. The search does not focus merely on similarities between specific documents or business objects, but on the synonyms and context that were tagged in the concepts. This behavior widens the scope of what Tridion can recommend, regardless of which specific keywords are entered in the search field. The smart tagging is also a vehicle for faceted search, where users can find results by using dynamic filters. 

About the PoolParty Smart Tagging Approach

From the PoolParty side, the solution comprises a rich set of semantic tools that focus on extraction and natural language processing of relevant terms, classification of documents and terms into a taxonomy, and concept mapping in graph-based search.

It uses PoolParty’s advanced auto classification and semantic concept tagging capabilities.

Benefits of PoolParty Tagging

faster to find relevant documents and content
more accurate filtering of non-relevant information
consistent tagging based on controlled enterprise vocabularies
automatic or semi-automatic content tagging based on text mining
consistent tagging of multilingual content thanks to controlled vocabularies and business glossaries

standards-based metadata of high quality

tools that can interlink structured and unstructured information across data silos

Tagging with PoolParty is not just about extracting important terms from text, but the ability to link data and content to a comprehensive knowledge graph, enriching it with rich contextual information.

What does a general PoolParty Smart Tagging workflow look like?

Users have the option to use an automatic workflow or an expert-assisted workflow.

Automatic Bulk Tagging Workflow

An automatic workflow comprises the following steps:

User selects the documents to be tagged (could be a pre-configured folder or a content type)
Document is sent to the PoolParty Extractor.
PoolParty returns the tags.
Tags are immediately saved to the CMS content store.

Controlled Collaboration

An expert-assisted workflow has the same main steps with one additional step. This step allows the expert to be kept in the loop so that tags can be refined if needed before they are saved and sent back to the CMS.

User selects the documents to be tagged

Document is sent to the PoolParty Extractor.
PoolParty returns the tags.
User reviews and refines the tags and saves them to the content.
Approved tags are saved to the CMS content store as metadata.

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