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Metadata Management

Use semantic metadata to extract more value from your data

Metadata Management is key to staying competitive – especially in fast-moving markets. The PoolParty Semantic Suite combines Knowledge Graphs, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to completely change the way organizations deal with data. With PoolParty, companies can build a semantic layer that, when applied to their information architecture, enables them to automatically analyze and create rich metadata. With semantic metadata, they can bridge data silos and gain a unified view of structured and unstructured data.

The Semantic Web Company—vendor of PoolParty—has been named a Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

Why PoolParty Semantic Suite?

Use PoolParty to benefit from consistent metadata across your organization including semantic variations and multilingualism. With it, you can start tagging your data automatically by matching the relevance of terms and context found in text and documents against your standards-based Enterprise Knowledge Graph. With PoolParty, you can discover the knowledge that your enterprise possesses by finding patterns in your data that hide previously undetected pieces of knowledge. Become a PoolParty user and gain in-depth analytics from your structured or unstructured data, or a combination of both. Use PoolParty to find patterns and topics of interest that will help you stay compliant with all relevant regulatory frameworks and also make well-informed decisions.

Semantic Metadata

  • Semantic metadata is based on controlled vocabularies. Your content will be consistently annotated and linked. 
  • With a semantic layer on top of your information architecture, you can analyze and create rich metadata automatically.
  • Semantic metadata bridges data silos. You gain a unified view of your organization’s structured and unstructured data assets without data migration.
  • With semantic metadata, you gain transparency. You can effectively execute information governance and regulatory compliance by validating metadata and setting up rules.
  • Semantic metadata effortlessly identifies complex relations within your content management systems.
  • Embed actionable items in your semantic metadata, which then automatically triggers the next steps in your business processes.

PoolParty Success Stories

Consistent Metadata for International Cooperation

Key topics like climate change and renewable energies involve several stakeholders worldwide. To cooperate and exchange information within an inconsistent data landscape is not an easy task.

REEEP is an international NGO supporting renewable energy projects around the world. They developed the Climate Tagger, a knowledge graph built with the cooperation of over 30 international experts.

As a result, now they offer a common vocabulary available in five languages to over 250 organizations. The Climate Tagger help them analyze and annotate their digital assets with semantic metadata.

Metadata Harmonization for a Pharmaceutical Companies

Our customer is a research-driven company investing billions of euros per year in research and development (R&D). Scientific publications are essential assets for them as well as a source of competitive advantages. Limited capabilities to search and analyze this data has kept them from making well-informed decisions. In addition, employees were spending over 60% of their time trying to discover biomedical research. The company needed to find a solution which would connect and re-use dispersed data to support decision-making and searching. Using PoolParty Semantic Suite, the company was able to monitor their publications and research, adding a smart search application to filter and find relevant topics quickly and effortlessly. As a result, they reduced search times by 50% and enabled new forms of research discovery and analytics that were not possible before.