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Digital Workplace Applications

Elevate your tooling for the best employee experience and productivity.

Digital Workplace Applications

Digital friction slows down corporate success

Expectations on a state-of-the-art Digital Workplace System

Green Climate Fund

Cherished tooling to enjoy the routine
Employees in the post-pandemic era expect tools that meet their individual expectations. For this generation, outdated IT infrastructures are a drain or even a reason to quit.

Easy access to standardized company knowledge
is no longer a matter of central storage. It’s about orchestrated handling of knowledge in multimodal, multi-purpose and omni-channel environments.

Awaken the appetite for innovation
The digital workplace should promote thinking outside the box. Providing employees with further information and context is just as much a part of this as automatic opportunity recognition should be for the company.

Introduction and guidance at work
AI companions and assistants have begun their triumphant advance in the digital workplace. Those that offer assistance precisely where the specific task and person require it the most will stand out.

Support in skill development and training
In addition to supporting their day-to-day work, AI companions are also assistants in the personal skills and training management of employees. Modern workplace systems see the employee’s training path as an integral part of a holistic approach to work.

Elevate your systems with PoolParty’s Digital Workplace Applications

The beauty of the semantic layer comes from the fact that it adds functions to your existing systems to prepare them for the future. For years, we at PoolParty have been working on using semantic technologies to link, accelerate, improve or simply make our customers’ workflows more cost-efficient. So when we speak of applications for a better digital workplace, we know what we are talking about.

Text Understanding

Technologies that enable machines to understand text and speech are the foundation of the future workplace. The progress we have made with NLP and semantic technologies in recent years, together with the recent breakthrough of LLMs, results in an unprecedented depth of text understanding by machines.


Knowledge work is characterized by search. The design of this central task of every digital workplace has evolved over time. Today, a high degree of machine support is a must. So contextualization, personalization and intent recognition are among the common standards of modern search we deliver with PoolParty.


Identifying relationships and dependencies in a company’s documents, reports and procedures is essential to exploiting opportunities and minimizing risks.
Our domain specific recommender systems support the digital worker in uncovering and utilizing these connections.

AI Companions

With GenAI, new work assistants that perform tasks independently or in dialog with the worker will become a reality. However, the decisive factor for the acceptance will be the quality and explainability of its performance and the ability to control them. These requirements are met with PoolParty’s knowledge graph-infused AI companion.

Knowledge Hubs

Data and applications of the digital workplace are intelligently connected by a semantic layer. This means that no matter where your knowledge is located or used, you benefit from a standardized, universal language for your content. Lingual restrictions, barriers of jargon or context are eliminated. The knowledge hub becomes the ubiquitous source of knowledge.

Graph + Large Language Model

Knowledge graphs and large language models are where the intelligence of the digital workplace will be located in the future. The digital workplace can be flexibly designed based on solid, domain and company-specific knowledge and language models with flexible handled applications on top of them. While the use case may change, the underlying models can fuel them all.

PoolParty’s Digital Workplace Applications work with:

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Arguments that justify your investment

42% of European employees think their employer lags behind when it comes to adopting to the latest workplace technology. (Ricoh 2024). Facing this obvious loss in efficency and motivation, 81% of companies plan to upgrade their digital workplace by 2027 (WEF).

In order to keep the digital workplace up to date, the tools need to be sharpened regularly and workplace systems should be equiped with the latest search, recommendation and AI applications.

Get more done in less time

While the first generation of workplace automation was about reducing workload by eliminating repetitive tasks, the next generation of the digital workplace aims to increase productivity by using the tools themselves to motivate and stimulate processes and employees.

This update to an employee-centric, gamified and AI-powered workplace is the most important factor for more than 80% of GenZ employees when it comes to increasing their productivity.

Match talent and job for better performance

Do people always work in a job or project for which their training, experience and motivation are ideal? What is easy to keep track of in small companies becomes a complex undertaking in large and diversified enterprises, mergers or new ventures.

The digital workplace knows the people behind it, their strengths, their interests and their expectations on their job. The tasks that land on their desks are the ones they are truly dedicated to.

Handle everything for everyone

A fully comprehensive digital workplace is located at the intersection of data, processes and tools and offers the employee a holistic view of all relevant objects. Those objects that are also available as a graph within the semantic layer. Once set up, the semantic layer orchestrates the company systems to fully develop the productivity within.

Reinvest the time not wasted

Digital workplaces support the automation of repetitive tasks. This relieves employees of time-consuming work, saving them time and enabling them to concentrate on other parts of their work.

Not only does every employee enjoy avoiding monotonous, repetitive tasks, the time freed up also means space for motivation and innovation.

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ESG Knowledge Graph

At the core of our knowledge graph is the esg knowledge model, which was developed by our domain experts. The knowledge model can be used as a reference point for text analyses, automatic classification of ESG reports, etc. and can also be integrated into other applications such as CMS or ERP software. The model comprises more than 6,000 concepts and over 40,000 terms describing the following entities.


  • Corporates and Sovereigns
  • Financial market participants
  • ESG frameworks and metrics
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Clean technologies

Developing sustainability and ESG strategies with NextGenAI

The PoolParty Suite is a proven platform to implement scalable systems for Knowledge Management, Document Management and Digital Workplace Solutions. More than 15 years of experience and our cutting-edge applications in Semantic and Generative AI are now available for the automation of sustainability-related tasks. We have been supporting global companies in their digital transformation for years. Our NextGen AI solutions will also ensure your company’s success in the coming transformation.