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E-Commerce and Retail

Boost customer experience with powerful Semantic AI.

E-Commerce and retail are facing a rapidly changing competitive landscape. Technological leadership in warehouse management, customer-facing presentation and competitive fulfillment appear to be the difference between success and failure in this industry like no other.

Ensuring relevant customer service:

Retailers must provide personalized and relevant customer service to meet consumer expectations

Fast delivery:

Timely delivery of products is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty

Managing data from different systems:

Retailers often use different platforms and data architectures to manage customer and product data, which can lead to data silos and difficulties in integrating information

Serving personalized content:

Retailers must manage data from disparate systems to serve personalized content to customers

By leveraging AI solutions for e-commerce and retail, companies can interconnect data from disparate systems, organize and structure information, and increase efficiency and accuracy in serving customers the right products at the right time.

Your Advantages

Have a look at what organizations in your industry are already achieving with PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Get a 360 Customer View

Put data into context to create insightful and engaging customer experiences based on relevant information, tailored services, and in-depth knowledge. Improve analytics and translate customer needs and behaviors into services and products.

Meet Customer Needs

AI solutions for e-commerce and retail help companies improve metadata management to give their customers the information they need when they ask for it. Bring ‘Know your customer (KYC)’ and Omni-Channel initiatives to the next level.

Leverage Predictive Marketing

Use semantic technologies to analyze the information you have collected on your customer’s site behavior. Quickly translate this analysis into predictive content (i.e. which ads they would respond to, what they may plan to buy next, etc.) to satisfy the user experience.

Benefit From Targeted Recommendations

Use taxonomies to build powerful recommendation systems that understand your data’s meaning and can make higher-quality recommendations to your customers. Your shoppers can filter for their desired products and get tailored results more efficiently than before.

Optimize SEO Strategy

PoolParty lets you create semantic data to enrich your content. Benefit from automatic content tagging in combination with Improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs.

Foster Smarter Searches

Build your own knowledge graph and benefit from world-class text mining to improve your page’s search capabilities. Rather than being limited by specific keyword input, semantic search takes your user’s intent into account and generates results of all relevant content.

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