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Knowledge User

Translate your expertise into knowledge models that improve your business.

As a knowledge user, you work to transfer human expertise into material that a machine can understand. You act as the “translator” of sorts, where it is your job to introduce frameworks that allow the machine to think like a human and ultimately deliver content that is user-specific. With a heavy background in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you understand just how essential a platform built on semantic technologies is for your organization.

You are motivated by a software that allows you to replicate the human decision-making process, ultimately making your content and overall business smarter.

Often within your role as a knowledge user, you experience the following challenges with content management:


Poor information sharing across the organization


Painstakingly filtering out content that is not relevant to the solution or user


Complex software that makes building knowledge organization systems difficult


Lack of standardization among the content

To combat these issues, you need a technology that:


Connects knowledge organization systems in one comprehensive knowledge graph


Combines AI techniques with NLP and knowledge engineering


Boasts a low learning curve and easy integration


Implements standards-based knowledge engineering formats including RDF, SKOS, OWL SPARQL, and SHACL

We have what you are looking for. Use PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Check out some examples of how your role as a knowledge user can benefit from the PoolParty software!


As a knowledge engineer, you use your strong technical background in artificial intelligence to solve problems and recommend solutions. You are focused on digitizing your expertise to develop and maintain comprehensive knowledge organization systems. PoolParty enables you to configure large, complex systems on a platform that excels in usability. 

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Streamline your way to a powerful knowledge base via easy creation and maintenance of knowledge graphs
  • Build knowledge organization systems according to Semantic Web Standards 

As a specialist in taxonomies and ontologies, your work is geared towards producing enterprise knowledge models that optimize your organization’s business. Your work often has a direct effect on the end user, where customers can be satisfied with the latest services and information based on the taxonomies you create. PoolParty allows you to easily manage knowledge models in order to produce recommendation systems, intelligent user searches

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Use agile taxonomy and ontology management to quickly interpret, modify, and implement content for customer-facing platforms
  • Work with standards-based knowledge tools such as the PoolParty Thesaurus Manager, Cardsorting, Corpus Manager, Linked Data Harvester, and Entity Extractor to turn unstructured data into knowledge assets

    As a knowledge manager, you are in charge of developing techniques and procedures for collecting and organizing access to relevant knowledge and expertise. You respond to specific business tasks with specific workflows and standards that your team can use to build powerful knowledge systems. PoolParty lets you achieve data governance with intelligent content management tools. 

    PoolParty Feature Highlights:

    • Create and manage rich metadata to catalog content and automate business rules and workflows
    • Onboard your team with a low learning curve and minimal training in order to quickly build a powerful knowledge base compliant to Semantic Web Standards

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