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Try Out the PoolParty Semantic Suite

Take a peek into the PoolParty software to experience the benefits of Semantic AI.

Power Your Data & Content Strategy with Semantic AI

The test account can be experienced in two ways with the possibility to extend the trial period and/or upgrade during any point of your account. Even better, the test account is free!


Browse through the basics of PoolParty.

How to Start Your Taxonomy from Scratch with PoolParty CardSorting

Gather your first impressions of PoolParty by browsing through this read-only version. Here, you can click around in the software and see what it looks like from the user perspective.

This version offers you a quick glance into the PoolParty software in a 2 day read-only trial. 

You’ll be able to click through the following PoolParty modules:

See what an enterprise taxonomy looks like in PoolParty, how it is extended to an ontology, and the entities that are extracted from a sample text.

This version is activated immediately upon your registration in the form, and you should receive welcome emails soon after. You can upgrade to a 30 day test account (see version 2) at any time to be introduced to the software by a PoolParty team member.


Take a deep dive with an expert.

How to Start Your Taxonomy from Scratch with PoolParty CardSorting

In this 30-day trial period, you can get hands-on experience in this expert-guided version of the test account.

This is a free service in which a PoolParty Team Member shows you around the software and gives you quick demos of the features. 

Once you’ve had your guided tour, you’ll be able to use the following PoolParty modules:

You’ll have full access to the PoolParty software to understand its capabilities, allowing you to click through projects and create your own.

To activate this test account, click the button to book a call with an expert. 



Some technical features to be excited about:

Database icon

Text analysis with natural language processing

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Taxonomy-led solution for bringing together structured and unstructured data

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Knowledge modelling with ontologies and graphs

Concept tagging icon

Concept tagging for enriched metadata, semantic search, and recommendation systems

PoolParty text analysis icon

Advanced text mining based on SKOS standard taxonomies

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Enterprise knowledge graphs for connecting silos and adding context to data 

Check out our Quick Start Guide in the User Help Manual for a glimpse into the user interface and technical capabilities.