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Data Quality for Pharma and Healthcare Industries

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps you understand the value of your data by managing and leveraging re-usable data assets across all organizational channels.

PoolParty semantic technologies are flexible!
They can solve multiple challenges depending on your business priorities:
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Embrace Taxonomies

PoolParty provides a state-of-the-art taxonomy management tool that can be extended to ontology management. Build your enterprise vocabularies and benefit from precise text mining.

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Goodbye Data Silos

PoolParty is a configurable semantic technology suite that connects data silos. On top of the semantic data solution we provide you with smart end-user applications that make search for information easy and fast.
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Search Excellence

Build or customize a thesaurus with PoolParty where knowledge is categorized. Connect structured and unstructured data sources and get search queries which really matter to you.

Your Benefits

  • Streamline complex and knowledge-intense work processes.
  • PoolParty is a middleware and doesn’t require big data migration projects or serious interventions in your IT infrastructure.
  • Subject Matter Experts can work with PoolParty without extensive IT-support.
  • The semantic technology suite is tailored to industry requirements.
  • The software components fit specific industry needs.
  • Our consultants have a professional background in your business sector.

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