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Pharma & Healthcare

Harmonize scientific data to improve collaboration, accelerate health strategies and gain insights.

Pharma and Healthcare are in constant adaptation to growing health demands that are coupled with new discoveries in science and technology. As a result of the extremely dynamic nature of their work, organizations within this field are no strangers to innovation. 

PoolParty Semantic Suite provides AI solutions for pharna and healthcare that helps healthcare professionals expedite the research process that is heavily embedded in the industry while providing quality, life-saving services across all levels of care.

Your Advantages

Have a look at what organizations in your industry are already achieving with PoolParty Semantic Suite. 

Make Internal Tasks Easier

Make better use of your clinical research and reduce the time employees spend looking for information. Implement successful internal search applications with advanced text analytics and professional metadata management, and allow for easy collaboration between colleagues with knowledge graphs.

Accelerate Clinical Development

PoolParty provides AI solutions for pharma and healthcare with scalable taxonomy and ontology management. Quickly collect and organize data to be able to respond to health needs in real-time. By improving knowledge sharing and data quality, organizations can accelerate the development of drugs and health related services.

Standardize Data Sharing

The healthcare industry often relies on exchanging scientific data, such as EHRs, between hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc. Semantic AI can centralize and harmonize scientific data by using controlled vocabularies, thesauri and ontologies to standardize data and allow interoperability between departments and facilities.

Webinar: Making BioPharma AI-Ready

In this Webinar, TetraScience demonstrates how they utilize PoolParty to maximize data sharing and accelerate scientific advancements through AI.

Process Patient Notes

Computers struggle to aggregate and analyze clinical patient data that is free-text based. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a great asset in scrubbing the terminology found in these documents to easily assess the patient’s information and recommend the right diagnosis.

Make Complex Data Digestible with Metadata

Use PoolParty to create active metadata. Organize your datasets with automated tagging to minimize data errors and create powerful knowledge bases that identify complex data relations and transparency.

Get Healthcare Data Insights

PoolParty lets you integrate Linked Open Data like MeSH or ChEBI into your systems. Combine your existing data with renowned medical Enterprise Knowledge Graphs to transform unstructured data into machine-readable formats so that it is easier to analyze and create meaning from.

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