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Data Quality for Pharma and Healthcare Industries

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps you understand the value of your data by managing and leveraging re-usable data assets across all organizational channels.

Get inspired by our Use Cases!

Have a look what pharmaceutical and healthcare companies already have achieved and add to their business success with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Read the use cases and get in touch with our industry experts for more information.

Efficient Search & Text Analytics

Make better use of your research and reduce the time employees spend looking for information. Search applications rely on solid knowledge graphs, advanced text analytics and professional metadata management.

Healthcare data insights

PoolParty lets you integrate Open Data into your systems. That way we transform structured and unstructured data into machine-readable formats and equip you with flexible analytical tools.

Improve data discovery

Make use of the information hidden in unstructured documents. Use PoolParty to attach metadata automatically to your knowledge objects.

Improve research management

PoolParty provides a state-of-the-art and scalable taxonomy and ontology management. Build your enterprise vocabularies based on standards and benefit from precise text mining.

Metadata: Be FAIR

Use PoolParty to create active metadata. Leverage all four aspects of FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability) with help from semantics and benefit from interoperable standards.

Semantic Data Integration

PoolParty lets you link structured and unstructured data sources and develop a tailor-suited semantic intelligence network. This is your robust foundation for highly specialized applications for improved data analytics.

Smart Data Catalog

Develop your Smart Data Catalog (aka ‘Data Fabric’) and combine the respective advantages of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses. Complement them with the advanced linking and analytics methods provided by Semantic Graph Technologies.

Your advantages:

  • PoolParty semantic technology suite provides smart solutions to connect data sources without the hurdles of data migration. Departments such as research, quality control, and healthcare services become more effective.
  • By implementing PoolParty middleware, you transform your existing software solutions. Thus your CRM becomes even faster!
  • Semantic technologies create and analyze customer and market information on a granular level that generates relevant insights for your consulting and sales approaches.

PoolParty semantic technologies are flexible!
They can solve multiple challenges depending on your business priorities:

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Embrace Taxonomies

PoolParty provides a state-of-the-art taxonomy management tool that can be extended to ontology management. Build your enterprise vocabularies and benefit from precise text mining.

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Goodbye Data Silos

PoolParty is a configurable semantic technology suite that connects data silos. On top of the semantic data solution we provide you with smart end-user applications that make search for information easy and fast.
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Search Excellence

Build or customize a thesaurus with PoolParty where knowledge is categorized. Connect structured and unstructured data sources and get search queries which really matter to you.

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