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How Text Mining and Natural Language Processing with PoolParty Drives Your Semantic AI

White paper

What is semantic AI, and what does it have to do with text mining?

Semantic AI has always focused on being able to infer and classify the meaning of large content sets in a largely automated way. This text mining white paper will tell you exactly how this can be done with PoolParty Semantic Suite – a platform that is capable of combining machine learning algorithms and graph-based knowledge models to provide advanced text mining and natural language processing services.

Written by Semantic Web Company CEO Andreas Blumauer, this natural language processing white paper covers:

Introduction to PoolParty

Key PoolParty Features: Text Mining & NLP

  • Extraction of concepts, terms, shadow concepts based on knowledge models
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Entity extraction based on machine learning
  • Semantic footprinting
  • Document classification and categorization
  • Corpus learning

Use Cases and Applications

  • Auto-tagging as an integral part of content management
  • Semantic search
  • Deep text analytics
  • Intelligent recommender systems 
  • Knowledge hubs and semantic data fabrics
  • Question-answering


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