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Knowledge Asset Management in ICT

What are your biggest challenges? Do you need to optimize your knowledge asset management to deliver customer solutions faster and more economically? You are wondering how you can ensure that project know-how is not lost when employees leave the company? Are you looking for new methods to mitigate risks in projects? YYou want to streamline your engineering tasks?

Why You Need Semantic Technologies

PoolParty Semantic Suite is a powerful software that helps with
knowledge assets management in Consulting and IT companies.
PoolParty platform includes flexible tools for the reusage and distribution of content
that will boost your operational efficiency, content and consulting quality.

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Excellent Metadata Management

PoolParty lets you attach metadata automatically to your knowledge objects. You ensure a stringent content classification irrespective of the content creator. Synonyms and naming conventions of different departments are integrated in a sophisticated knowledge graph.

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Stop Searching: Start Finding

Improve the ways your helpdesk, intranet portal or your web shop can be navigated. Search applications rely on solid knowledge graphs and professional metadata management. This combination enables semantic intelligence – the foundation for smarter search functionalities.

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Modern Knowledge Management

Match expert profiles of your global workforce with content assets and services to align your knowledge hub on different levels. PoolParty equips you with all necessary tools. Your organization benefits from superior content personalization and frequent content reusage.

Your Benefits

  • PoolParty semantic technologies increase human resources and digital asset efficiency.
  • Equipping your employees with semantic intelligence solutions has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Your teams deliver precise information fast.
  • PoolParty is a standards-based middleware. You can link various data repositories across different IT-systems without the hurdles of data migration.

Our Customers Profit from Semantic Technology Solutions

Selected customer references

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