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Let data and knowledge define your strategy for the best solutions.

In today’s fast paced professional world, knowledge management is the foundation of a successful business. Business consultancy is often the starting point for knowledge and data related insights that can push an organization above the competition. However, analyzing mass amounts of client data to come up with a strategy can be quite difficult and labor-intensive, which may result in delayed or inaccurate solutions. 

PoolParty Semantic Suite will give you the framework to optimize workplace productivity and improve content quality and delivery to meet client’s needs. Consultants can generate greater sales with valuable service recommendations that have been mapped via PoolParty, and ultimately give their clients the tools that are necessary for client growth.

Your Advantages

Have a look at what organizations in your industry are already achieving with PoolParty Semantic Suite. 



Take metadata management to the next level with automated document tagging. Reduce data inconsistencies brought on by error-prone manual tagging to deliver accurate content that clients can rely on.


Help clients overcome the limitations of data silos by helping them build their enterprise knowledge graph. Information that was previously hidden from decision-makers becomes available and easy to use.


Using the semantic analytics you have done on your client’s behalf, you can help them grow their own semantic applications. Help clients improve their search engines with intelligent search capabilities or encourage them to build knowledge hubs, recommender systems,  or virtual assistants for their internal and customer-facing usage – the opportunities are endless.


Organizing masses of documents in systems like SharePoint, Adobe Experience Manager, or Excel is a struggle. With the help of consistent vocabularies in taxonomies, automated tagging, and semantic search, the office environment will be streamlined.

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Save time revising contracts. Use PoolParty to extract the meaning of each paragraph in your contracts and find exactly what you are looking for when you need to search for information.

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Use taxonomies and ontologies to build powerful recommendation systems. These systems will add context to your data in order to link experts, relevant services and products together. Advise your clients to make use of these recommended valuable services and ultimately generate more profits.

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Get inspired by our case study!

Our client is one of the most prestigious firms in the industry providing consultancy on an international scale. Using PoolParty Semantic Suite’s taxonomy and ontology servers, our client has streamlined their data management and analytics to clean their content repositories and recommend valuable services to clients. PoolParty’s power tagging allows our client to automate their metadata in order to reduce data inaccuracies and provide the best quality content.