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Media, Publishing and Education

Curate the best audiences with quality content.

Driving the Digital Transformation

To be successful in the media and publishing industry, companies must equip themselves with the latest technology. Contemporary media producers need to address search engine optimization, the enrichment of resources with additional information (metadata), the creation, distribution and maintenance of content, and the provision of a universal framework for describing and linking data. 

Ultimately, the media industry needs tools to add meaning and thematic depth to web content through structured data, creating a rich ecosystem of dynamically linked content objects while reducing the time and cost of content creation.


Your Advantages

Have a look at what organizations in your industry are already achieving with PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Get a 360 Customer View

Put content and data into context to create insightful and engaging customer experiences based on relevant information, tailored services, and in-depth knowledge. Improve analytics and translate customer needs and behaviors into services and products.

Reduce Effort Organizing Data

Minimize your colleague’s headaches with collecting and organizing content using a user-friendly taxonomy management system. With PoolParty’s low learning curve, your team can focus on the content they deliver and not the system they would have to get used to otherwise.

Understand Your Audience

Put your data into context with your enterprise knowledge graph. Improve metadata management and content classification to understand your audiences’ needs.

Optimize Customer Experience

Ensure customer satisfaction by giving them the information they are looking for in real-time. Build your own knowledge graph and use semantic search to improve search results for trending and targeted information online.

Create Self-Service Portals

Offer information portals to your customers even in complex areas such as the legal system. Digital assistants bring together different language worlds to help customers acquire new skills through individual learning paths.

Make Targeted Recommendations

Use taxonomies to build powerful recommendation systems that understand your data’s meaning and can make higher-quality recommendations to your customers. Your users can filter for their desired content or documents and get tailored results more efficiently than before.

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