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Professional Digital Publishing and Beyond

Attract and retain readers: use personalized user experience built on relevant, high-quality content recommendations. Should you still struggle to decide on the right technological initiatives: trust in your experts! Let them help you to build a state-of-the-art content platform for you.

Get inspired by our Use Cases!

See what media and publishing companies have been achieving with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Read the use cases and get in touch with our industry experts for more information.

360 degree customer view

Build your enterprise knowledge graph to link information across databases to better understand your customers’ behaviour and needs.

Deliver better content

Build your enterprise knowledge graph to create classifier and recommender systems that can understand the meaning of content and increase sales.

Optimize customer experiences

Ensure customer satisfaction by giving them the information they are looking for. Build your own knowledge graph and use machine learning to improve search results in online platforms.

Provide useful content

Use PoolParty to manage your taxonomies and automate content classification. This will allow you to provide your audiences with the content they are looking for, when they need it.

Self-service portals

Offer information portals to your customers to enable self-service services even in complex areas such as the legal system. Digital assistants bring together different language worlds to help customers acquire new skills through individual learning paths.

Understand your audience

Put your data into context with your enterprise knowledge graph. Improve metadata management and content classification to understand your audiences’ needs.

Unlock the business value of your data

Create a knowledge graph and automate metadata creation and content tagging. Improve your data analysis and extract more value from your content by breaking it down into smaller but dynamically linkable chunks.

Your advantages:

  • The PoolParty Semantic Technology Suite is a pragmatic solution for digital transformation challenges. Experts can easily start to work with the PoolParty tools.
  • PoolParty lets you gradually develop your metadata landscape: start with simple taxonomies, progress to ontologies and finally succeed with a full-blown knowledge graph.
  •  PoolParty is made for structured and unstructured data.
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Our Solution for Content Personalization

PoolParty lets you automatically tag content with metadata in a consistent way. Through a growing interlinked information network, the software recognizes context and matches content with it. Your users receive highly meaningful content recommendations!

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Good Search Results Streamline Internal Processes

Enrich your content with metadata: improve your internal workflows. Search queries provide explicit and implicit results saving your users’ valuable time. Reusing content is a strategic tool and an effective approach for cost savings.

Generate Insights Fast and Flexible

The PoolParty Suite includes modules to analyze and link structured and unstructured data. Collect information on product usage, create sophisticated customer profiles and experiment with the data. PoolParty transforms Big Data into insights.

Our Customers Are One Step Ahead with Semantic Technology Solutions:

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