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PoolParty API and Integrations

Optimize your workplace without having to change to a new system or application. Use PoolParty APIs and ready-made integrations to enhance your systems.

Ready-to-Install Integrations

The PoolParty Semantic Suite is the most comprehensive semantic middleware platform on the global market. As a middleware, you can easily integrate PoolParty Semantic Suite with any IT system using REST APIs, JSON, and other widespread de-facto standards. The PoolParty APIs are available on-premise or in the cloud.

PoolParty has a number of available integrations that use PoolParty API to connect with existing industry leaders and systems. These integrations are organized based on their use case and functionality.

Content Management Systems (CMS) and Document Management Platforms

PoolParty Semantic Suite improves the taxonomy management and text mining capabilities of your CMS. A scalable and robust taxonomy allows you to tag your content consistently for improving search, discovery and recommendation.


RWS pp partner



Adobe AEM


Database Management Software

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers connectors or can use various database management systems for agile data integration based on RDF. As a result, you benefit from intelligent semantic search and advanced analytics solutions.




Amazon Neptune






Data Science Tools

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps you master data preparation for machine learning tasks using most common data scientists’ tools. Not only PoolParty’s standards-based approach help you gain higher data quality but also reduce the time invested in data cleaning.



Apache Kafka

Apache Spark


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More about PoolParty APIs

PoolParty Thesaurus and Graph API

The PoolParty Thesaurus Manager is a premium taxonomy and ontology management tool. It covers all the components needed to maintain taxonomies and later leverage the knowledge model with machine learning and AI in order to further scale enterprise business processes. 

JSON RESTful: semantic technologies that are ready to be integrated based on popular web technologies

CRUD: create, read, update, and delete – your full-blown API for taxonomies and knowledge graphs

Secure: rely on an API, which is fully integrated into PoolParty’s security layer based on Spring

SPARQL endpoint: in addition to the standard API, make use of PoolParty’s SPARQL endpoint to execute more complex queries

PoolParty Extraction API

The PoolParty Extractor allows users to tag documents automatically or with an expert-assisted (where users can refine tags after the automated process) workflow. Extract knowledge from texts on-the-fly. 

JSON RESTful: sophisticated text mining services accessible via common web technologies

Easy to learn: benefit from a short familiarization time – PoolParty Extractor API can be trained within the duration of 1 working day

PoolParty GraphSearch API

The PoolParty GraphSearch enables application developers to integrate semantic search in frontend applications. It exposes a number of web services that can be accessed and used via the HTTP protocol and supports different data formats.

Content Management and Admin Services: Manage (ingest, create, update and delete) content in the search index

Web Feeds: Index Web resources based on RSS feeds

Recommendations: Search the search index for documents corresponding to previously retrieved texts

Similarity & Suggestions: Query the engine for similar documents based on a document ID and retrieve thesaurus concept suggestions from the document index

See Trends: Provide a history of thesaurus concepts in the GraphSearch document index

Set up multiple GraphSearch projects 

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