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Business User

Use 360-degree views of your business to alleviate the stress of tedious workflow.

As a business user, you benefit from semantic technologies when they support your knowledge-intensive workflows with assistance functions or recommendations that relieve you of tedious work . You make decisions for your organization based on whether new technologies can streamline your business processes and reduce overall costs. You manage many projects and oversee many decisions, so time is important to you – meaning you want a software whose design is both powerful and simple. 

You are committed to gaining a competitive edge based on product innovation and efficiency.

In terms of your role with data and content management, you likely experience the following challenges as a business user:


Too much data with too little time to manage it


Low levels of productivity with existing database technology


Expensive maintenance of legacy systems


Cumbersome analytical/evaluation processes that are hindering your ability to make business decisions

To combat these issues, you need a technology that pairs with Enterprise 360 knowledge graphs to:


Get a comprehensive overview of all your business objects and processes


Automate data maintenance/analytics to streamline decision making


Quickly identify data errors to eliminate any risks


Support innovation at reduced costs

We have what you are looking for. Use PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Check out some examples of how your role as a business user can benefit from the PoolParty software!


As a product manager, you are not only concerned with the further development and optimization of the ‘hardware’ of a product, but how you can offer customers end-to-end solutions. You are at a unique position that is deeply invested in analyzing and linking customer needs with product information that can be optimized with the help of semantic AI. PoolParty ensures that you can monitor your data well from the internal side in order to meet your customers’ needs in real time. 

PoolParty Feature Highlights: 

  • Implement semantic search and build applications that understand user intent, making information easy and quick to find
  • Manage a taxonomy to enrichen your data and provide new information to customers in a timely manner

In the Human Resources department, you are responsible for managing the employee life cycle. Perhaps you are the HR director, the HR specialist, the recruiter, etc. Regardless of your specific role, PoolParty allows you to track all the information relating to employees so that you may provide them with a comfortable stay in the company, as well as derive key insights from their data for future individual and team development. 

PoolParty Feature Highlights:

  • Build powerful recommendation systems from taxonomies to “matchmake” employees by connecting them to each other based on their profiles
  • Determine future development paths for employees that pertain to individual skillsets and goals

    As a sales professional, you are self-motivated and results driven. In order to sell your product well, you are both in tune with the product and your customers. PoolParty allows you to understand your customer’s use cases quickly and efficiently so that you can deliver the best customer experience with your product.  

    PoolParty Feature Highlights:

    • Match customer requests with use cases and success stories that your company has already successfully implemented in the past
    • Accelerate the sales process with intelligent question-and-answer systems that give interested customers a good introduction to your products

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