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The Knowledge Graph Assessment

Check to see if your company can benefit from knowledge graphs.

Have you heard about these incredible knowledge graphs fueling the next generation of artificial intelligence? You should know that this is by no means science fiction, but a technology that is already being used by countless companies operating in a wide variety of industries, e.g., Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adidas, Roche, NASA and many more. Knowledge graphs are increasingly moving to the center of enterprise-wide data and knowledge management. Now, you may be wondering whether or not your company can also benefit from this technology. This assessment will help answer that question. The assessment itself consists of 12 questions and should take about about 5–10 minutes to complete.

Take the assessment

Spend a few minutes answering 12 questions about your organization’s digital and knowledge strategy, data technology, plans, and capabilities.

See how your company scores

You will immediately see your overall score, which measures your current knowledge graph readiness compared to your peer organizations.

Get your free report

Register to get a personalized report, a deeper look at your results, and an outline of the next steps for accelerating your digital success.

 The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Assessment indicates where, how, and to which extent your company may benefit from diving into knowledge graph technology. Based on recent research in the field and the results from a comparable industry study, we have developed an assessment methodology that indicates your readiness for knowledge graphs in five measurable dimensions: 

    • Readiness – Indicates your company’s ability to change
    • Potential – Indicates how the implementation of an enterprise knowledge graph will influence your daily work
    • Awareness – Indicates how prepared your company is to make this change
    • Practicability – Indicates to what extent your company’s current data infrastructure allows for the implementation of an enterprise knowledge graph
    • Strategic Impact – Indicates how deeply the implementation of an enterprise knowledge graph will innovate data management in your organization

The PoolParty Team provides unbiased advice on how to implement knowledge graphs in your company. Our friendly advisors can talk you through the recommendations in your report, tell you about the next steps and measures you can take, and put you in touch with experts.


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