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PoolParty Semantic Suite

PoolParty Semantic Suite is a complete and advanced semantic platform. PoolParty serves as the powerful “glue” between customer databases and applications so that customer knowledge models can continuously evolve in a stable, interconnected environment.

PoolParty’s architecture and pricing are modular, which means you only pay for the functionalities you need.

Text Classification

PoolParty Semantic Suite combines machine learning algorithms such as Deep Learning or Support Vector Machines (SVM) with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs to automatically classify text with targeted precision. This mixed approach increases F1 scores of the resulting document classifier by 1-3% compared to classifiers which rely solely on unstructured text.

Corpus Analysis

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers powerful corpus analysis capabilities based on a combination of semantic and statistical models, which semi-automatically create and maintain Enterprise Knowledge Graphs on a large scale. As a result, PoolParty Semantic Suite supports taxonomists and subject matter experts in collaborating more efficiently, while keeping their Knowledge Graph up-to-date.

Auto Classification & Semantic Enrichment

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers entity extraction and text mining services which support automatic or semi-automatic tagging. Semantically enriched metadata further improves the discovery of content for better management and reuse of the material. Additionally, PoolParty is able to classify your data so that it is in a more structured, machine-readable format.

Entity Linking

PoolParty Semantic Suite can make sense of any enterprise data source by enhancing information retrieval systems and semantic search. PoolParty Semantic Suite also analyzes textual documents to extract and determine the meaning of contained entities by linking them to a domain-specific knowledge graph.

Data Ingestion & Mapping

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps enterprises re-use their data as a basis for their Semantic AI applications. This Is done by harvesting data from different sources and of various formats to transform them into RDF, a standards-based graph data format for efficient data ingestion. Through schema harmonization, enterprises can start mapping their data objects for further use based on an enterprise ontology.

Validation & Data Quality Management

Using PoolParty Semantic Suite, enterprises can effortlessly run complex validity checks by linking data across silos. This then gives a 360 degree view of your complete data, helping to reveal anomalies not only across departmental data sets, but also within single data repositories.

Ontology Management

PoolParty Semantic Suite lets you design ontologies at your own pace. It helps to create a highly expressive and flexible model of your company’s knowledge. Using PoolParty Semantic Suite you can reuse already existing ontologies such as Friend of a Friend (FOAF), Financial Business Ontology (FIBO), and

Taxonomy Management & Card Sorting

PoolParty Semantic Suite offers a user-friendly taxonomy editor and card sorting tool to build and maintain your information architecture. It differs from other taxonomy management solutions because of its powerful technologies, such as: corpus analysis, import assistants and reporting tools.

Graph Data Management

The PoolParty Semantic Suite allows data scientists and domain experts to build and manage data graphs. Enterprises are able to easily connect and manage data from several graph databases using the PoolParty GraphEditor’s collaborative and flexible interface. A visual query editor also allows for knowledge graph exploration based on customisable views to edit specific parts of a knowledge graph.

Recommender Systems

PoolParty Semantic Suite identifies the intent of your customer’s interactions based on knowledge graphs and metadata. As a result, your search engines can be transformed into powerful recommender systems that deliver helpful results and suggest related information and further reading.

Semantic Search

Using semantic AI technology, PoolParty Semantic Suite provides enterprises with the capabilities of building intelligent search engines. Semantic content organization and semantic metadata are the key pillars to a successful semantic search. PoolParty Semantic Suite also offers the next generation of knowledge discovery. This is enabled by the fusion of graph-based search, recommendation and analytics over a variety of content types and business objects.

Your Semantic AI Application

PoolParty Semantic Suite is domain agnostic and addresses a large variety of use cases and industries. Ranging from process automation, to call classification, skill matching and diagnostic error prevention; semantic technologies are future-proof and can integrate into your system using APIs. Check out our application gallery for inspiration.

What is PoolParty Semantic Suite?

The PoolParty Semantic Suite leverages machine learning, language processing, and graph technologies to enrich enterprise data. It uses innovative means to help organizations build and manage enterprise knowledge systems as a basis for their AI strategy.

Auto Classification

PoolParty Semantic Suite uses advanced text mining algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically extract relevant entities and terms from documents. On top of extracting important terms, PoolParty lets you automatically tag these entities to create further enriched metadata. Tagged content and metadata prove to be very valuable for knowledge management, search engines, and other user platforms. 

Recommender Systems

PoolParty Semantic Suite can help you build graph-based recommender systems that make sophisticated pairings of content through contextual and collaborative filtering. Our systems require less training data than typical recommender systems because they are built on knowledge graphs. PoolParty’s controllable, domain-specific recommender systems are highly precise to return personalized results and suggest further reading.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

PoolParty Semantic Suite is used to break down data silos by linking data from various departments, organizations, and external sources. When data linking is combined with  taxonomies, ontologies, text mining, and other semantic tools, the result is a powerful enterprise knowledge graph. A knowledge graph is a robust representation of a knowledge domain that you can use to derive more value and understanding out of your data.

Taxonomy Management

Taxonomies are the first step in achieving structured knowledge and data management based on a semantic framework. These frameworks serve as fundamental building blocks for intelligent search platforms, enterprise-wide content and knowledge hubs, and other semantic AI applications. PoolParty Semantic Suite’s collaborative interface supports multilinguality, text mining, and ontology management.

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