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Corpus-based taxonomy management

PoolParty is the only professional semantic middleware that provides tools for corpus-based taxonomy management.

Benefit from Machine learning

  • Build taxonomies from scratch: PoolParty’s corpus analysis provides you with relevant term and relations suggestions
  • Extend your taxonomy: PoolParty identifies gaps in your taxonomy automatically
  • Increase quality: PoolParty helps you to create taxonomies that reflect your actual content base
  • Increased precision: Extracted terms are precisely scored based on a statistical language model
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Integrate in your workflows

  • Integrate with your CMS or DMS: Push documents from your content base directly into PoolParty’s corpus analysis
  • RDF based corpus analysis: Benefit from SPARQL and its capabilities to do deep text analytics
  • Co-occurrences: Statistical language models provide means for latent semantic indexing
  • Instant testing: PoolParty’s built-in graph search helps to search over corpus documents
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Still unclear?

You want to learn more about PoolParty’s corpus management? It’s not the simplest feature. We are happy to support you with your individual questions.

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