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Semantic Ai
Starter Kit

Manage Investment Risks With Dedicated
Experts and a Real Pilot Application.

Organizations who wish to stay ahead of the curve understand that much of this success only happens if their data and knowledge management processes also remain competitive. Semantic technologies are increasingly growing in popularity for their ability to make even the most unstructured data actionable.

The Semantic AI Starter Kit is our company’s proposed solution for putting the benefits of semantic technologies into practice, so you can understand their practicability before you commit to a full license.

Keeping the meticulous, more risk-averse client in mind, our team of professionals have used their 15+ years of expertise to come up with a methodology to understand your use case, assess your needs, and implement a solution to your problems in a functional prototype.

The rising role of content and context for delivering insights with AI technologies, as well as recent knowledge graph offerings for AI applications have pulled knowledge graphs to the surface

Gartner (2018): “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence

We don’t want to insult your time by telling you it works with pretty slides and a classic elevator pitch. We will teach you and show you the benefits of semantic technology by building a real project in our software.



The initial phase comprises a series of assessments and introductions. All these services (approximately 4 hours of work) come at no cost to you.

Self Assessment

  • Take the Knowledge Graph Assessment to get a quick overview of your organization’s readiness to take on semantics as your solution. Answer questions about the type of data you use, how your information architecture is set up, and the problems you are currently facing. This questionnaire is 12 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete

  • What you get: A detailed report that outlines how ready your organization is for implementing semantic technologies. This report will analyze your use case in 5 dimensions: Readiness, Potential, Strategic Impact, Awareness, Practicability
  • More information about the Knowledge Graph Assessment here >

Orientation Call

  • After taking the Knowledge Graph Assessment, you will be put in contact with one of our friendly experts at the Semantic Web Company. Use this  call to get to know our software and our people. With the background information discussed in this conversation, your consultant can prepare for the next step in the process. Here, we can begin to understand how we can best help you according to the initial problems you lay out in the meeting


  • What you get: As a result, we record together on a whiteboard whether and which solutions we can offer you

Use Case Exploration

  • Once our consultant has been briefed about your use case, a second expert will join to further analyze which specific semantic strategies will benefit your business. This step requires a deeper look into your use case through more discussion about your pain points and your current infrastructure. This stage takes approximately 2 hours 

  • What you get: Based on your consultants’ analysis, they will create a document for you that outlines a proposal for the PoolParty pilot project. This document summarizes the following: 


  • – An overview of the opportunities you can obtain with semantics
  • – Our consultant’s assessment of your problem and  their proposed solutions
  • – Value proposition 
  • – Next steps and costs for Phase 2 of the Starter Kit
This report ensures that you can easily communicate the necessity of semantics to your colleagues. By the end of this assessment phase, our consultants will understand how to help you, and you will have the details that are needed for your team to proceed with the pilot phase.


The second phase of the starter kit includes the implementation of your pilot project based on PoolParty Semantic Suite technologies. In this phase, the professional services and hosting are chargeable, but the software licenses are free.


  • In the first step of this phase, our team will define the strategic plan for implementing your pilot project in PoolParty. At this point, our team will determine the technical implications associated with your case in order to bring the pilot to fruition. Our team will look at your existing data and identify the precise technical approach required of your problems. Details will include:

    • – Which resources are needed
    • – Who in your team should be trained
    • – A draft of the solution architecture
    • – Implementation scenarios
    • – Scope and duration of the pilot project.
  • What you get: A handover specification document describing the pilot in even more detail than described in the initial proposal so that the implementation phase can be started





    • The next step is the most important one: here we will build an actual prototype for you! At this point, we understand what you need as a solution and want to put it into action. We will design a business solution using the semantic tools that best address your use case, and model it in PoolParty with a sample set of your own data. Along with your inputs, we will experiment and develop metrics to ensure the pilot reaches success


    • What you get: A model of your use case that you can actually play around with in our server.  Because we use your own data to build the project, you will see exactly how our semantic technologies will turn your headaches into solutions


  • The final step in the Starter Kit evaluates the results of your project. Based on the metrics we developed in the previous stage, we will be able to understand how well the prototype aligns with the project’s value proposition and goals. Here, we can prepare for possible next steps and opportunities to further your usage of the PoolParty software

  • What you get: At the end of this whole process, we will create a report that contains the details of the project and what we resolved with semantic technologies for your use case. This document contains information about PoolParty services and a precise cost estimation for implementing a full scale application in PoolParty
This report outlines the finer details of your project. Use it to convey key information to your team so that you can make a well-informed decision about taking on a full license with us.

You and your team can be sure that semantics will be the right solution to invest in your organization’s future in data and knowledge management!

What is PoolParty?
The PoolParty Semantic Suite is an award winning AI platform based on semantic technologies and machine learning. As a middleware, PoolParty serves as the powerful “glue” between enterprise databases and applications to make use of structured and unstructured data. Along with its reputation of being a user-friendly software, PoolParty’s APIs make it easy to integrate with customer systems.
What type of solutions are offered?
The PoolParty Semantic Suite offers solutions for organizing data (managing taxonomies and ontologies), enriching data (metadata management through auto classification and tagging), and transforming data into knowledge (knowledge graphs). These capabilities serve as foundations for optimizing search engines with semantic search, semantic recommender systems, and question-answering systems.
Why should i sign up for the starter kit?
Minimize risk and make an informed decision, no fluff guarantee
Who will be involved in the process from the PoolParty side?
A highly qualified team of Data & Knowledge Engineers and Professional Consultants will be dedicated to analyzing your business case. Their expertise is built on 15+ years of experience in the industry, so they will be sure to see your progress through from start to finish.
What is the estimated duration of the service?
phase 1: up to 5h within some days

phase 2: about 20 working days within a period of 2-3 months

How can I get started?
If we’ve piqued your interest and you wish to move forward with the Semantic AI Starter Kit, kick off the process with Step 1: the Knowledge Graph Assessment! Click the button to get started.