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Intelligent Content for Service and Support

Enriched content to boost customer satisfaction

Service and Support Moves into Focus

How Intelligent Content propels growth in Service and Support

Green Climate Fund

Structural richness

Modular / reconfigurable

Semantically categorized

Domain-specific annotations

Automatically discoverable

Machine processable

Having up-to-date documents always at hand

The purpose of service and support is to have documents and answers avilable when problems arise or questions are asked. In recent years, we have worked with our customers to develop reliable solutions that provide service requests, repair instructions, customer information, and functional descriptions at the desired time and the right place.

Field Service

When used in the field, such as manufacturing industries, intelligent content can handle the back and forth of manuals, repair instructions, fault reports and field diagnostics in all directions. The updated information is available on the spot.

Cross-department Knowledge

The interaction between production and the customer-oriented departments creates valuable know-how on a daily basis. Intelligent content is the right medium to capture this knowledge from e-mails, reports, comments and inquiries and use it across departments.

Self Service

The use of role-based and personalized intelligent content in self-service portals empowers customers for self-guided problem solving. This reduces the time spent on tickets and promotes mutual understanding between provider and customer.

Hotline and Support

Support and service for customers is to a large extent translation work. On the one hand, this means communicating terms and procedures to the customer in a more simple way and, on the other, preparing queries from non-experts for your own team of experts.

Arguments that justify your investment

Upgrading technical documentation to valuable content assets

Transforming your documents into reusable, reconfigurable and customizable content opens up opportunities to reduce costs by eliminating the need to rewrite, reformat and republish for each use. You can easily save on storage, handling, transaction and interpretation and open yourself up to true machine-driven content reuse.

Benefit from standard driven scaling effects

Leave the closed world of proprietary content production and open up a new dimension of exchange and growth opportunities in service delivery and content exchange with standards-based formats (XML, DITA, iiRDS). Get connected to the next generation of service and support methodologies.

Gain a competitive boost with customer satisfaction

Ultimately, the customer is looking for a short “first response time”, precise information, a good “service for value” and a situation and target group-oriented approach. Intelligent content enables your service and support to meet these requirements.

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ESG Knowledge Graph

At the core of our knowledge graph is the esg knowledge model, which was developed by our domain experts. The knowledge model can be used as a reference point for text analyses, automatic classification of ESG reports, etc. and can also be integrated into other applications such as CMS or ERP software. The model comprises more than 6,000 concepts and over 40,000 terms describing the following entities.


  • Corporates and Sovereigns
  • Financial market participants
  • ESG frameworks and metrics
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Clean technologies

Developing sustainability and ESG strategies with NextGenAI

The PoolParty Suite is a proven platform to implement scalable systems for Knowledge Management, Document Management and Digital Workplace Solutions. More than 15 years of experience and our cutting-edge applications in Semantic and Generative AI are now available for the automation of sustainability-related tasks. We have been supporting global companies in their digital transformation for years. Our NextGen AI solutions will also ensure your company’s success in the coming transformation.