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PoolParty and Microsoft DOCS

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Microsoft Docs is the library of technical documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals who work with Microsoft products. Introduced in 2016, Microsoft Docs, was a replacement of MSDN and TechNet libraries which previously hosted some of these materials.

The solution

With the comprehensive and holistic PoolParty taxonomies, Microsoft Docs users are getting integrated solutions that meet their unique needs, including powerful search as well as documentation tools to secure a better customer experience while enhancing efficient operations.

The Semantic Web Company has been at the forefront of delivering holistic language-based technologies and services that enterprises require in order to thrive on a global scale. Microsoft Docs has used the power of knowledge management in PoolParty to efficiently govern and scale up an enterprise AI strategy. This way they can generate innovation, transparency, and revenue within and beyond their ecosystem. Leaders and decision makers across all industries share a commitment to accelerate digital and semantic literacy as the only path forward through uncertainty in global markets.

Because business and employee productivity are the backbones of a thriving business, Microsoft Docs has made it their goal to provide high-performing office products such as Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel. Their features range from database management systems to email and video services to publishing applications, all targeted to ensure productivity.

For high-tech multinational companies like Microsoft Docs, building momentum and a holistic information structure is only possible through optimized workflows and meticulous documentation. Educating their users on how to manage Microsoft Docs wide array of products and features and building a baseline that perpetuates their own innovations sits at the core of documentation. It is a multifaceted process that includes awareness and ultimately helps to improve business performance.

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