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Case Studies: Business Solutions with Semantic AI

Case Study

Knowledge and Data Management, or the need to organize enterprise data has become a critical issue for competitive organizations of today.

CIOs and CDOs are looking for innovative means to organize their data in order to ensure that information is not lost and can be put in the right context. Early adopters of Knowledge Graphs are benefiting from the ability to siphon structured and unstructured data organization-wide, helping them to make well-informed decisions by gaining further insight through analytics and bringing value to their data.

This case study booklet is an accumulation of various customers we have worked with in the past and not only spans across regions worldwide, but also across all industries. Enterprise Knowledge Graphs know no limits and benefits every single company looking for a method to tame their data to make it more accessible for all stakeholders involved.

In addition to helping enterprises create and leverage their Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, PoolParty Semantic Suite is the most complete semantic middleware software on the global market and offers a wide range of tools and features that help enterprises achieve higher ROIs based on more actionable data.

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Business solutions with Semantic AI

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