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Improving Customer Satisfaction With Agile Taxonomy Management

Respond to Customer Information Demand in Real-Time



Jaimie Chung, Product Manager at Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer)
Heather Hedden, Knowledge Engineer at Semantic Web Company

How Insider Intelligence uses the PoolParty Semantic Suite to for agile taxonomy management and respond to customer information demand in real-time

Insider Intelligence is on a mission to empower professionals with the data, insights, and analysis to make grounded decisions in a digital world. By bringing together agility and rigorous methodology, Insider Intelligence provides their clients with the clear and credible insights they need to act decisively.

To be competitive in their field, Insider Intelligence needs to deliver timely insights to its clients and keep track of the latest technological trends. But new trends often involve new and inconsistent names, and searching can be frustratingly ineffective. Taxonomies provide consistent naming and structure to help users find the information they need.

In this webinar, you will learn how Insider Intelligence uses the PoolParty Semantic Suite to empower business users to manage a centralized taxonomy and respond to customer information demand in real-time.

You will also learn how managing taxonomies in PoolParty can help companies reduce costs and manual labor, save time, and help teams collaborate in order to deliver better results and improve customer satisfaction.

Join our on-demand webinar and find out how the PoolParty Semantic Suite can help you centralize your organization’s taxonomy management and make it painless.

Find out how you can stop juggling spreadsheets, wasting precious time and resources. You will see how easy it can be to start managing taxonomies in one place with a solution that is easy to use and to integrate into your existing systems. Gain a competitive advantage and deliver timely insights with PoolParty.