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Improving Customer Satisfaction With Agile Taxonomy Management

Customer Success Story

Improving Customer Satisfaction With Agile Taxonomy Management

As much of the business world is opting to improve their digital processes, one place they are turning to for information is the research firm, Insider Intelligence. Having established a global presence, Insider Intelligence’s subscription-based service gives clients research and trends relevant to their business needs. Based on accurately vetted and transparent data, the analysis provided by Insider Intelligence’s team “empowers decision-makers to understand the digital transformations happening in their industry and feel secure in their strategies adapting to them .”

The (often difficult) dynamic nature of a search platform

Jaimie Chung, the product manager at Insider Intelligence, has been working for the company for a number of years where she plays a valuable role facilitating her expertise in both the business product and research sides of her company’s platform. As a result of her role, Chung has a unique perspective on how content was being organized and integrated back into the platform for the users.

According to Chung, the Insider Intelligence platform makes sense of related data for clients so that their clients don’t have to do all the googling about market and industry trends themselves. “Related data” are the keywords here, because they mean that the information that clients seek are often largely interconnected with greater concepts that are still relevant to their specific searches. If a user enters the words “smart speaker” into the platform’s search field, for example, they can pull up results that are also associated with “voice assistant,” “virtual assistant,” etc. — same products, different names.

While on the user side this may come off as an easy feat, the work that goes into generating these related searches behind the scenes is much harder. Prior to Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty, Insider Intelligence’s research taxonomy teams and platform engineers were tasked with compiling data and manually mapping the relationships between search terms together before they could be implemented in the platform for end users (i.e., the clients).

This is where Insider Intelligence struggled, and Product Manager Chung stepped in to find the solution. 

From both a time and money perspective, much of their resources were dedicated towards noticing these relationships and affecting change in the system. System engineers were wasting programming time on research activities, internal users were relying on outdated Excel sheets to translate their content to relevant searches, and altogether, any changes that were needed to be made to the search platform could take anywhere from 2 weeks to months to implement after trends were observed. 

For Jaimie Chung, adopting PoolParty to deal with their current problems was a “no-brainer.

Technically speaking, all these related terms and concepts refer to a“taxonomy,” which is a multi-level structured set of concepts that maps or “visualizes” the relationships between these concepts. In our smart speakers example from before, the taxonomy notices and addresses the relevancy between concepts “smart speaker” and “virtual assistant.”

In this way, the taxonomy improves user searches because it enables findability of concepts by tackling the limitation of linking smaller, specific words together. The taxonomy allows for a more precise, enriched search by connecting broader topics together. In other words, we would not be able to find all the results for smart speakers if the search were only recalling those exact terms; instead we need a broad search to also include the related virtual assistant. The research taxonomy brings all of this together in order to create a network of search criteria that a common user is familiar with in general browsing.

PoolParty’s software does exactly this, and very “seamlessly,” Chung suggests.

As the basis of PoolParty’s services, the taxonomy for her company’s search profiles can be easily accessed and explored through what she refers to as the “intuitive UI” of PoolParty. Upon implementation of the software, PoolParty’s user-friendly interface allowed for seamless onboarding of the research taxonomists to an easily manageable research taxonomy — which is something Insider Intelligence did not have before. Chung’s colleagues could quickly adopt PoolParty’s software without the hassle of doing additional research or extensive training for the system. 

The result?

With a newly readable taxonomy that was built and analyzed rather smoothly, the research taxonomy team could promptly affect change in the Insider Intelligence platform in real-time. Troubleshooting and implementation no longer took months. With PoolParty, improvements could be made immediately. 

Today, the turnaround from problem to solution not only benefits the engineering and research staff who were previously dedicating much of their resources to painstaking data organization, it also helps the clients who benefit from smarter searches right away. 

While Chung and her team are happy with the vast improvements PoolParty has brought to their operations, in the future, they also hope to harness stronger SEO performance and auto-tagging through PoolParty’s text mining and entity extraction services.

As it stands, Chung affirms that it’s been like night and day every time we use PoolParty. It’s so easy to use and it’s really made a huge difference for us at Insider Intelligence.”

Want to hear about Chung’s story directly? Check out the free recording of our webinar! Fill out the form to see Chung and SWC Data & Knowledge Engineer Heather Hedden discuss the successes of PoolParty implementation. 

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