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How to Engineer Intelligent Content

From zero to HERO

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Ross Leher, CEO, WAND Inc.

Chip Gettinger, VP Global Solutions Consulting, RWS


February 9, 2023

The Lifecycle of Information and Content

What if there was a way to bring together all components of intelligent content? To increase the value of information for customers and employees while improving the overall content lifecycle management?

PoolParty, Tridion and WAND – The Trinity of Intelligent Content Engineering

This is possible with the use of a comprehensive and holistic Semantic AI solution that grants you access to all domains of knowledge management – PoolParty’s OEM integration with RWS’ Tridion is a state-of-the-art intelligent content solution. This solution connects people, processes, and information with the most complete portfolio of collaborative Content Management, Knowledge Management, and Headless delivery technologies. A 360° solution that can be used together with WAND-curated taxonomies to help you kickstart semantic AI processes faster than ever.

Join us in this webinar with a comprehensive case study and learn how the combination of PoolParty, Tridion and WAND-curated industry taxonomies support you with :

  • An entirely new approach to content development and distribution
  • Longevity and automation in content and data management
  • A dynamic approach to engage content authoring and distribution that scales with the needs of your customers and employees
  • Reduce the complexity and costs associated with the timely delivery of quality technical content across traditional and digital channels
  • Immediately implement Semantic AI and incorporate your unstructured data

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Ross Leher

Ross Leher


Ross Leher is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WAND, Inc. Mr. Leher, whose background includes international commerce, trade, and retailing, has a proven record of growing innovative businesses in highly competitive markets.

WAND has developed structured vocabularies with related tools and services to improve the performance of 140+ enterprise applications. WAND’s Taxonomy Library contains more than 100 domain-specific taxonomies WAND data can be integrated into a wide variety of enterprise applications.

Mr. Leher is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Economics.

Chip Gettinger

Chip Gettinger

VP Global Solutions Consulting, RWS

Chip Gettinger is the VP of Global Solutions Consulting at RWS, he manages a team that works with customers in maximizing global content with RWS.

He has experience working with customers to develop global content strategies, business ROI adoption drivers, change management, and technology adoption for component content management systems. He speaks and blogs about customer successes working closely with industry standards, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployments.

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