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Creating a world where content is always relevant

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By combining cultural understanding, client understanding and technical understanding, RWS services and technology help their clients to:

  • acquire and retain customers
  • deliver engaging user experiences
  • comply with regulatory requirements
  • gain insight from data and content to make better decisions

RWS strives to remove barriers to communication and find better ways to connect with their audiences – incorporating semantic personalization to produce intelligent content they bring the following benefits:



Tridion, created by RWS, connects people, processes, and information with the most complete portfolio of collaborative Content Management, Knowledge Management and Headless delivery technologies. PoolParty has partnered with RWS, to enhance its auto tagging capabilities and deliver the intelligent solution powered by semantic AI.

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Other Resources


PoolParty PowerTagging Integration with Tridion:

Deep dive into how PoolParty PowerTagging for Tridion works building off of taxonomies, semantic concept tagging, and semantic search!

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Watch on-demand “How to Engineer Intelligent Content: From zero to HERO” with Chip Gettinger (VP Global Solutions, RWS) and Ross Leher (CEO, WAND Inc.).

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Panel Discussion:

Day 1 of the PoolParty Summit 2023 ended with a riveting “Women in High Tech” panel, including RWS’ own Elsa Sklavounou. Follow their journey toward accomplished careers in high-tech.

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Jump-start your taxonomy creation with expertly curated ready-to-use taxonomies from WAND, Inc.
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