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What’s New: PoolParty Recommender

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As consumers we are used to recommender systems that give us a series of “Others also bought” or  “You might also like” suggestions. In the workplace, these types of recommendations aren’t particularly useful because they often suggest more of the obvious and don’t factor in the requirements of employee queries.

The PoolParty Recommender is tailored to your organization and its specific knowledge domain, making them more accurate than any approach using only machine learning. These slides, created by CEO of Semantic Web Company, Andreas Blumauer, are best viewed while watching the on-demand webinar What’s New: PoolParty Recommender and cover the following topics:


  • What is a knowledge-based recommender system?
  • The PoolParty Recommender Workbench: how its methodology and technical capabilities set it apart from other recommenders on the market
  • Common use cases found in the workplace
  • Demos of the product, including how it can be used in a front-end user application

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