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Healthdirect Australia uses PoolParty Semantic Suite for Innovative Health Services

Customer Success Story

Healthdirect Australia offers an Innovative Healthcare Information System to Australian Citizens using PoolParty Semantic Suite

Healthdirect Australia has become the most widely used Australian health information site in the country thanks to an innovative healthcare information system that tackles the problem of disconnected data.

There are over 200 health-related information providers in Australia, but a horde of disconnected channels that make it difficult for citizens to find the right answers. As a result, often citizens either use unofficial means to self-diagnose; or head to the hospital emergency room (ER) for minor health-related issues. Healthdirect, a national and government-owned not-for-profit organization, aimed to address these issues using PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Download this customer success story to learn more about how PoolParty Semantic Suite helps Healthdirect Australia to connect data and re-use content across channels with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph. As a result, Australian citizens benefit from informed decision-making, while emergency rooms receive fewer incidents that could be solved otherwise.

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