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Improving Safety and Reliability in Industrial Operations using Semantic AI

The path towards 360-degree views of an organization


Alexi López-Lorca, Semantic Web Company
Zhi Min, Yokogawa
Simon Rogers, Yokogawa

Shift team effectiveness is critical to safety in the process industries, where ineffective shift handover is a significant source of incidents. The digitalization of operator instructions, operator logs, shift handover reports, and incident management reports, has contributed to reducing risk. However, even though this information may now be stored in a database, much of it is manually entered by operators using natural language. Obtaining insights from the information such as a list of bad actors, or simply searching the information, is challenging because different operators use different nomenclature and abbreviations.

This on-demand webinar describes how semantic web technology can be used to effectively address this challenge using an operations management knowledge graph.

Use this webinar to see how implementing an operations knowledge graph can help your company:

  • Automatically gather and visualize essential safety related information
  • Simplify integrated manufacturing operations management
  • Improve productivity and operational performance in transitional shift handovers
  • Improve safety in industrial processes

Once built, the knowledge graph can be used to extract and link entities in the operations management database and reports, to enable semantic or natural language search of the information and to link to other information such as equipment data, standard operating procedures and maintenance data. The knowledge graph also allows natural language processing and data analytics to be used to draw insights from the operations data such as a prioritized list of equipment, alarm, and control loop issues. The operations team can then quickly access relevant engineering information to help diagnose the cause of the problems and fix them. In addition to improving safety, this can reduce maintenance costs and increase the availability of the plant.

As a user of semantic technologies, you can not only improve workplace safety, but also reduce maintenance costs and increase effectiveness in the plant.


Simon Rogers

Digital Transformation Consultant


Zhi Min

Data Integration Sec.


Alexi López-Lorca

Data & Knowledge Engineer