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HR Technology Conference

Live Event | September 28 – October 1, 2021

With a primary focus on driving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize usage of current HR systems as well as those looking to buy. It’s where you’ll gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs now and in the future.

Meet Heather Hedden, Data and Knowledge Engineer representing the PoolParty Team at the shared booth with our consulting partner Enterprise Knowledge. We look forward to seeing you there!

Heather will walk you through a PoolParty demo to help you find out how to implement enterprise knowledge graphs to achieve 360-degree views of employees to develop strategic HR. Check our webinar to learn more about Employee 360 or download the white paper Employee 360 – Create Meaningful Journeys.

Click the button below for more information about the conference and how to register. 

Logo for the Knowledge Graph Conference 2021

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